How people playing in restricted tournaments in wrong colours

I would like to know how this person is winning the restricted tournament of poison using purple/dark gear. Can you explain this . Is it a bug or an exploit?

You may be facing against their Open tourney character. Getting matched against characters from other tourneys is sadly quite common (although some players do get advantage from that).

Not a bug or exploit, the devs do that now to get the numbers up for the tourney. While I know alot of people find this to be unfair. I actually find these matches tend to be easier than matches with opponents who’ve tailored their build for that specific tourney.

You’re not showing the player’s gear. The tourney restricts gear and minions only.
Not spells!
Try it yourself. You can use whatever spell element you like.

Frost bite and Snake swarm are the minion’s spells. Also, the esgaard flail they are using is dark. Therefore, the enemy is indeed using non-poison gear and minions.

Ah finally someone looked at the gear showing they are using gear and minions not allowed in tournament. So Devs please explain this. Also explain how they can win (gain 1000 gems) buy using this gear thereby stopping people who play by the rules gain correct tournament position

No, Topio wasn’t participating in the Restricted Tourney with wrong color gear and minions. You are just facing the character Topio used to participate in the Open Tourney.

As I replied before, what you are seeing is Topio’s Open Tourney character, probably because you had a highly upgraded gear. When your score is high, it may happen that there aren’t enough opponents to fulfill the conditions of giving you matchups of similar score within your Tourney. When that happens, you will get paired against opponents from other ranks or other tourneys, which is in fact to your advantage, since you get higher number of points than if you only faced characters from your Restricted Tourney.