Elite tourney of poison

Hi ive started playing elite tourney of poison. In these you can only use green items spells minions etc. Why may i ask have i already come up against opponents using gear and minions of other colours. I work very hard to attain gear so why should ithers be able to enter and use non specific gear. Hopefully an interesting explanation from our illustrious game masters is forthcoming. Thanks hottrixx

I believe no one is playing in restricted or elite tourneys using gear that doesn’t abide by the restrictions. However, sometimes we are paired against opponents from other tourneys such as open. It is supposed to happen when there are no appropiate matching opponents for you in your tourney.

Note that though the gear must be green, you can definitely use non-green spells.

Well how does that work in a purely 1 colour event. Are you using an expliot to gain points.

There is no exploit whatsoever. You just try using any color spell on a green pvp and see the result.