[Not a bug] Battles not replayable in PvP

Battles that are made early in the tournament can draw from previous tournament(s). Those battles are not available for rematch.

In this image there is a competitor that has a higher score available in the current tournament, but is not available for rematch because I have fought this player’s build from a different tournament.

Remove the “out of tournament” matches from all brackets.
If there are no fights available just don’t offer a fight until more players join.

The matches offered from other tournaments cause multiple issues and questions every week. Like this one How people playing in restricted tournaments in wrong colours - Game Discussion - Puzzle Quest 3 Community
Maybe I am missing something, but I can’t see any upside to including these matchups.

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I don’t know if I agree with that. Tourneys were torture when I first started doing them. You could be forced to play all 11 matches against 1 opponent who was much stronger. Adding players who aren’t in the tourney, was a smart way of solving these issues, IMO.

I don’t know, but in another thread, there is the opinion that out of tourney opponents are unfair to the players who don’t get them - in a way the game benefits the players in certain time zones as these opponents are sometimes easier and can give more points. As I am currently comfortably on the 10-50 ranking place, and have no means or patience to rise higher, I am good either way.

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I don’t like out of tourney matches, as KerGiz said they are unfair because they give players who can play just after reset more oportunities to get big scores that aren’t available for those of us that cannot play then.

Even if they do have some use as KenpoKid said, I believe the score gotten from them should be overwritten by your own tourney’s top 10 scores, so even if it gives more points it should fall out of your top 10 scores once you play against your tourney’s top 10 players. That is, they are good as a temporary measure at the beginning to get opponents of similar strenght but I believe that they shouldn’t be able to affect the max score you can get, which should always be the the one given by the top 10 scores in your own tourney.


The problem is the general way the game ranks and matches ppl and produces scores.
Its not about real skill, its complictated as hell, it forces you to do 77 fights a week if you want to be in the top 10 from which 67 are for the bin, per tourney, it forces you to make this fights as long as possible, it pairs you most time with the same ppl and it all in all is more a lottery then a competition even so its so super complex.
With other words:
There will be no way to fix this in a way that leads to a good Pvp experience and gets fair.
Not possible.

Only way to get a solution for PvP is as said since month:
Keep it as it is, abandon it and use all avaiable res to design it new from the scratch inbetween.
And forget gearscore complettly when you do it.
It tells nothing about how strong a build is, nothing at all!

The point of this thread is that there is a bug.

The primary issue is that matches from outside of the tournament are not replay-able like in tournament matches.

This discussion about the cause of the bug leads to the game mechanics behind it.

This leads to a secondary issue, that these same matches can/do give an unfair scoring advantage to those that are able to join the tournament at the reset time. This causes an unlevel playing field in the leaderboard and ultimately in the rewards. The tournament should not be won or lost in the first hour.

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No, its not a bug.
Its a fault by design.
Dev perhaps can change that behaviour but it will need to store additional data regarding every fight, cause as you mentioned its possible to fight in diffrent tourneys the same opp this way.
So guess no easy solution here.

But what I meant was that it does anyways not make sense to put more work or effort in this part of the game as it is.

It will never get good.
It will never get fair.
And it will not stay funny for long.
Cause it will never be a good design or solution.
Its basically broken, settled on a score that tells nothing.
Its like you would try to find the best quaterback of the world by scoring how expensive his equip is …

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Respectfully, I will let the game designers review and determine if this is a bug.

Having a match that is not replayable seems to not conform to all of the other matches in the list. If not a bug, I don’t know what to call it.


Yeah I will agree with that. I mean it’s not my fault to live in Australia to start fighting early before everyone gets in and I don’t get to rematch those scores or get anyone better than those people to improve my score. :thinking:

Hey @00h00m

Passed this on to the team cos I was unsure myself, and just heard back earlier that these out-of-tourney opponents are intended to not be available to rematch as they are “filler” opponents at the time - but discussing this further with the team!

I have added this to the ongoing feedback I have been sharing with the team about out-of-tourney opponents generally, so, the team is aware! I may have mentioned it elsewhere but the earliest any changes could be made to PvP is after 2.5, that’s not to say this will change or what capacity etc etc… but it’s something the team are aware of and looking into further.

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