[Reported] All PvP opponents appear as if they increased score, but haven't

In all this week’s PvP tourneys, as soon as I battled one opponent they would appear with the “improved score” green arrow. However, when going into the rematch option their score is still the same (no green arrow there). It has happened in the three tourneys with all opponents in the top 10. Not a big issue but it makes it more difficult to know when there has been a real increase in score.

Did every opponent on this list not have an improved score or just some? Just so I know which accounts to check

Same here … and none of the ones I did refight today did give better score.
But thats hard to check anyways, cause you need exactly same % to compare.
I often one hit first round cause of crit, which is always 40% … and had no gains in score this way.
And … they appear (all 30 of them) directly after the fight as increased score … no matter who you fight.

Looks like the team has spotted what might be the issue!

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