[Reported] PvP rematch: green arrow but same point value

It seems there is a minor bug with the score improvement notice of the rematch option. I have several players where the green arrow tells me they have improved their point value. When I enter some of them the score appears with another green arrow and I it is indeed higher.

However, there are several players that even though they have the rematch green arrow, once I see the opponent the point value is the same (no green arrow here). If I battle them, the score I get is exactly the same too, but the green arrow will remain there. Here you have some screenshots of one example:


Currently, I have this issue in all tourneys: 1 player in open, 3 in restricted and 1 in elite. The one in elite is the same player as one of the restricted ones (although different loadout), so it may be something related to the players. Also, I cannot say this for sure but I believe that in all these cases I got the green arrow as soon as getting my first victory against them.

This issue does not really affect gameplay, but it is a bit annoying since you have to manually check everytime if you indeed have some better scores to get or not. So I would be very grateful if you could look into this to see if it can be fixed.

Thank you.

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@HigureTheStillWind the team are investigating and had a couple of questions:

  • Are you seeing the same points consistently?
    • Or if you leave the tourney menu and come back, does the opponent update?
  • Can you share some other opponents you have seen this with?

I see Igua7 this way, too. The other opponents with the green arrow really have higher points than yesterday. I believe I have seen this on others on the second day, but I have no recollection who they were. I will write it up next time.

I have left the tourney menu several times, even the game, but when coming back I still see the same points. The rest of the opponents are:

-Restricted: Hunter, Egara (Griffin) and Thorbir
-Elite: Egara (Griffin).

A friend of mine has the same problem both with Igua7 in open and Egara (Griffin) in elite (she hasn’t done restricted yet).

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Hi! Maybe I can give an explanation for this item.
I started all 3 tourneys before updating at beginning of the new day. So there are mixed data now.

Disadvantage for me is that I cannot rematch these players (they only give the 30% base value) and there is the same problem as before that the high level players appear only at the beginning and some later but very random.

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Thank you for the info! If that is the reason, then next week shouldn’t be happening anymore. I am sorry that you got problems for that :frowning_face: