PvP progression

I’m on PS4, and the elite tourney is just giving me the same 3 enemies time after time, all too low to beat my previous score, making it impossible to progress out of tier 6 to get the rewards.

As a side note, if it’s true that we lose points for lost health (might not be true, I’ve just heard it in chat) then insisting that the Elven Bow (and its armour bypass) is used doesn’t help.


Matchmaking works giving the strongest enemy first and then going down from that. Therefore, once you have faced against the strongest 10 enemies the rest of your matchups won’t be giving you points to improve score. This means that usually you fight for improving your score during 2-3 days and then you won’t be able to improve it further (unless a big opponents starts PvP late).

The number of points you get for winning against an opponent is the base points (showed on the opponents selection screen) +10% for finishing with full health, armor and resistance (for a total of +30%). There are several gear items that make getting perfect score difficult, and elven bow is one of those, indeed.

So it’s deliberately designed to prevent you from getting tier 6 rewards? Seems a little pointless offering it if that’s the case.

I guess you play in one of the lower leagues. I don’t believe its designed for that. Perhaps the rewards need a tweek because the base points of the players are to low there.

Actually, the rules of PvP are broken and exploited. The chats are replete with disgruntled players who note the do not advance because they are not offered a point value sufficient to let them advance. I just played the #1 player in the Open tournament and beat that player during my opening turn, losing no points or armor or anything, and still did not get enough points to advance. In fact I went back several levels. Ergo, the system is both broken and being exploited by some players to keep their ranks. Until the Dev’s finish their updates to the PvP part of this game, the exploitation and broken ranking system will continue to frustrate you.

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The points you get from opponents doesn’t depend on the ranking, but on their perceived strenght (which is based mainly in stats). Winning against the top ranked won’t give you enough points if they aren’t in the “strongest” top 10.

The PvP rules say that you always face against the strongest opponent in your league, then the second… Theoretically, this should give everyone the opportunity to get 1st place (as long as they can win against the strongest 10 with full health, armor and resistance). However, in practice it does not happen for 2 main reasons:

  1. The 10 “strongest” players cannot fight themselves, so the max score they can get is lower than the rest of players. This is probably the issue you are experiencing in Open. I believe this should be urgently revised, not being able to get 1st place for being the strongest makes no sense.

  2. The out-of-league battles break the “you always get the strongest 10 opponents” rule, and make matchmaking depend on one’s perceived strength: players with higher strength can get high scoring opponents from other leagues, while lower strenght players cannot. A single out-of-league opponent with higher score than any of the top 10 within the league will then make it so that only a few will be able to battle for the top. This is the case for Champion Open League that has been reported by phantom here. Not good either, because it takes us back to the previous PvPs where only a few people had the opportunity to fight for the top.

If these 2 issues can be addressed, I have no doubt that the PvPs will keep on improving and becoming more interesting and enjoyable.

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I’m not necessarily trying to be the best in the league, I just want to clear the 6 reward tiers. In contrast, I cleared all 6 tiers of the restricted tourney with nine tickets last night, so it’s clearly going wrong somewhere.