PvP scoring system


Was there a reason in coming up with the whole “top 10 only” scoring? I’ve wasted so many PvP tokens getting near perfect scores only to find that I didn’t progress at all.

Also, when I do progress, I only get a fraction of the points I earned; I was on 19,767, got a score of 2,041 and somehow only ended up with a new total of 19,986. How does that make sense when 19,767+2,041=21,808?

Why doesn’t it just work the really obvious way of adding up every point you earn to create your total score, like every other game I’ve ever played? It makes no sense.

@Jeto is there a logic behind this that I’m not seeing?


Easy. If you already have your top 20 scores, let’s say your tenth score was 1822. When you do the 2041 score it will override the other one, so you will only get 2041-1822=+219 points, and therefore your new total score will be 19767+219=19986 (or 19767-1822+2041). It also works the same when rematching an opponent and getting better score.

Counting every score would create its own problems, mainly making the PvPs a huge time sink since every battle would count. In that sistem, players with more free time to spend on PvPs (and with more entry tokens) would have advantage, while in the current system the advantage is for skilled players able to get higher bonus scores. Also, in the first scenario the matchups would be really important, either adding too much luck if pairing is random or making the event too repetitive if you always get the same pairings.

Additionally, the current scoring system gives the opportunity of a realistic max score, so tying for first place is a possibility (which is a win-win for all players tied).

I know that the “top 10 scores only” system has its own issues and makes scoring difficult to understand for many players, but for me it is much better than just counting all scores you get. It justs takes a small sample, the best 10 scores you can get, so that it can order leaderboards without making us having to play all 11x7 battles. However, the positions are still depending on each player’s ability to get high scores, as it would happen in your suggested system (if every player would be ready to spend at least 2 hours/tourney each day to fight seriously every battle, of course).

It wouldn’t be as bad if the system actually gave you opponents with the potential score to progress, but I’m getting perfect scores against them and gaining nothing because of the value being to low.

Everyone should be able to battle the top 10 players from their tourney in terms of score they give. So, theoretically, everyone who gets perfect scores (70% bonus score) should tie in 1st place. This hardly happens due to 2 reasons that have been discussed a lot:

  • Those players who are themselves part of the top 10 scores cannot fight against themselves, so the max score they can get is actually lower than what players not in the top 10 can get.
  • The out-of-tourney matches can give stronger opponents either to players playing early after reset or players with high “strength”, making an uneven playing field.

I believe these 2 are the main issues that would need to be adressed to make the “only top 10 scores” system work fairly, so that only our ability to get a high bonus score counts torwards our leaderboard placement and everyone has therefore the same opportunities to reach 1st place.

I’m not in the top ten, but I’m still not getting the matches I need to progress. I can’t even clear tier 6 of the rewards in elite tourneys because of this. It’s an idiotic system and needs to be completely replaced.

All I do is waste tokens; I don’t mind losing a token if I get beaten, that’s fair enough, but winning and getting nothing is a complete waste of time and tokens.

You do also need a gear score of greater than 2800 ( + or - some unknown amount) to get the most difficult opponents. If your gear score is lower you won’t get as high scoring opponents as other people.

This gives you something to aim for to get the most difficult PvP opponents.

But I should be given opponents that can help me progress though, surely?

I’m not even too fussed about where I rank, I just want to be able to clear the tier rewards but even that’s difficult with this system.

Earning points that count for nothing is asinine and very frustrating.