PVP change before season end. What are you guys trying to do?

It looks like there is a new update and PvP scoring has changed.

Why can’t you guys let a season finish before changing the scoring mechanism?

Are all of the 24880 scores going to get reduced gems because there are scores coming in with different rules?

It doesn’t make any sense

No intentional changes have been released for the scoring in 2.1 :thinking: as this would then be the case for all accounts on all platforms, but following this up with the team

@00h00m what Tourney is this screenshot from? Just confirming if it is the same as the one @reYar2802 posted

Here are the three champions tournaments.

@Jeto this is with the updated client on Android.

So, it appears some QA testers are in the current Tourney - while on 2.2

Currently investigating if we can remove them from the Tourney.

That would sort of make sense, but I too was able to put up a greater than 24880 score. The new PVP scoring is live on Android if you update.

What’s your name code - I’ll have a suss


I’m on version 2.2

Leave it with me… following up with the team asap

This is way worse…

No rewards now?

@00h00m I’ll get you sorted! :sparkles:

I’ll post anything further into this main thread