PvP: same opponent several times in top 10

Something is not working right with the “cannot fight a top 10 opponent again” rule. Both in last week’s restricted challenger tourney and this week’s elite challenger tourney I got to fight several times opponents already in my top 10. It seems it only happens with opponents outside my own league, and in both cases the tourney was dark. I haven’t experienced this in any other tourney.


Last week’s restricted challenger tourney:

This week’s elite challenger tourney:

We haven’t made any changes to PvP, seeing as 2.4 is around the corner anyway! So nothing would have come through “early” or been changed with that so soon.

It does appear that there may have been more limited actual opponents during this Tourney at the time, so you faced against repeat opponents. :thinking:

Hi, Jeto ,
Can you give us a general idea when 2.4 will be out. Or at least give us the update details earlier.

Patch notes will be released early and posted next week

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Thank you for the reply and the early update notes.