PvP-Opponents in Restricted and Elite mode not correctly assigned after dawning of new day

Since V1.4.5 I am getting incorrect PvP- opponents when I start Restricted or Elite PvP-battles after resetting game to a new day. This wrong assignment lasts minimum 1h. After that I don’t know because I have to go to sleep.
When trying PvP after wakeup the last wrongly assigned hero still exists. After this battle all other opponents are correct.

This has always been the case, it happens when you join a tournament before others do, you get assigned folks from the last tourney.

Sorry Ketaped, your comment doesn’t help. This is a bug and it should be corrected.
Might be I remember wrong but I think at least in EA we got correct opponents.
There are possibilities to solve this. Easiest is to assign heroes created by the devs.

Ketaped provided valuable information that this has been observed since the beginning. There was no commentary on if it was a bug or not. That’s not for us to determine :slight_smile:

In EA I always got “incorrect” opponents if I joined a tourney right after rollover. This could be really handy sometimes, especially if you were strong against last week’s color. I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, I just always assumed it was how things were intended, since there’s no real solution for the first person to join a tournament otherwise. It’s better than throwing an error or refusing to match you if you’re alone.

Hey all,

This is an odd one. We have raised this with the team in the past, more when you first start Tourney’s right after reset, you can fight against the same opponent.
This occurs because players are registered to be apart of this event after their battle is completed and while so close to reset, there is also not many players competing so it will cause you to battle whomever is available. This soon resolves usually after the first or second battle, in most cases.

While I can see how having repeated opponents is can appear as a bug, in the sense that you are playing someone more than once or from the previous battle from prior to reset, as @Ketaped describes some of the options to prevent this could lead to players being blocked from battles until more people have signed up, an error that “there is no new opponents”, or pulling any player available. Which could lead to a high level player facing a someone who has just unlocked pvp.

I have passed this onto the team again, something to definitely keep an eye on.

Additionally: Would it be preferred to go against a hero, that you assumed was a bot and not an actual player, instead of facing someone a second time?

For me, given how broken PVP is right now, I really don’t think who your opponent is makes much difference. That being said, I’ve never really had a problem with seeing the same opponents repeatedly. PVP is far from my favorite game mode.

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I totally share this opinion. Until you guys fix pvp i dont really see how any of this matters. PVP sucks and is broken. In its current form it is no fun at all.

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Yeah the ultimate issue is that PvP as a game mode is insufferably bad. It needs to be redesigned. The only thing that made PvP worth doing was that it was a reasonable source of gems thanks to being able to tie at 24,750 (the honor currency is nice as well).
Now that Turn zero scoring (25,000) scores put the top reward out of reach for most people, the reality of the terribleness of the format just becomes that much more apparent.

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