Chest System needs an overhaul

Your Ruby and Diamond chest pool is way too diverse.

You have runes, scrolls, shards, relics, armor, weapons, accessories and spells(ore and food as well) all packed into these things. You are basically spinning a wheel with hundreds of thousands of different outcomes. Most of which is against the player.

Seriously. With how slowly we get keys and how packed these chests are… it’s not greatly condusive to spend money on what would be nearly be junk most of the time.

Two things should change.

Chest loot pool needs to shrink. Having a diamond chest with a loot pool of what amounts of a couple hundred different items doesnt help the player, more so that odds they will get a common or uncommon item.

2nd, the chest system needs some kind of pity system. Players want to see some progress as they play. Pity system two folds helps in two ways. Guaranteed power progress, and knowing that money spent will yield greater success in improving my point in the game. You will see greater spending in PQ3 with a pity system in place.

Either way, the chest system as it stands will only drive people away from the game in the long run.


I second this! Would be a amazing addition to the game!

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I agree with this statement. I’m not sure if I agree with your proposed solutions. Maybe. But there are so many “moving parts.” And until relic thing is straightened out, its hard to know how it will feel getting common/uncommon in the future. Also some people are starved for gear and others are starved for materials. But ya, we can agree that the current system is probably not loved by many people. Time consuming + random = sucks

I think a big issue is the timer/minion/keys thing. Waiting a full (almost) real life day to open a diamond chest full of nothing you wanted, never feels good. Wasting a key on the same chest, is worse. Cutting all timers in half would help a little, maybe.

Honestly, I think it would have been better to have minions go on missions to hunt for keys, instead of open chests. This way you could be gathering big keys when you have no big chests. When you do get a chest you don’t have to wait to open it. If that makes any sense.


I can see where you are coming from, but I dont necessarily think that is a good alternative. Keys are to be thought of like “free rolls”. Granting people a method to get free rolls isnt good for the health of the game in the long run, less incentive to pay to shortcut. (I had tossed around the idea in my head to reward keys from combat instead of chests, but still came to the same conclusion).

More Keys should be mostly either be from VIP or Event rewards. Keys in PQ3 isnt the same as Keys in GoW.

I am mostly fine with the minion chest timer. but like you and everyone else, frustrated that you basically get common and uncommon gear from it. I was thinking that Ruby and Diamond Chests should have a threshold of gear. Ruby has a minimum of Rare and Diamond has a minimum of Epic. This will alleviate some of the annoyance with it. Give users a more reliable method to get Epic level quality gear. It doesnt alleviate how vast the item pool is (various combination of Gear, color and perks), but at least give players a bone to work with.

What I suggested wasn’t free rolls. It was waiting 24 hours for a minion to bring home a diamond key, instead of waiting 24 hours to for a minion to open a diamond chest. Same amount of waiting, just at a different point in time. Now this won’t happen, as it would require reworking chest slots, followers, minions etc. It’s just the way I wish they had gone with it.

I don’t think we will see the gear rarity threshold. It’s clear that they want us to evolve lower rarity gear as both a time gate and a monetization opportunity.

I’m not sure if the randomizer determines chest contents when the chest is looted, or when it is opened. If the contents are rolled at the time of looting, they could maybe flag/label chests containing gear (or spells), or the rarity of the best item. Think “uncommon diamond chest”, or “rare ruby chest”, or something like that. I don’t see that happening either.

I honestly do not mind a chest with disappointing contents. (Well… I do mind haha, but I also get it.) It’s the waiting around for disappointing contents that annoys me. Everything is useful to some degree. But not everything is worth sucking up a chest slot, a minion and a full day.

Anyway… I don’t see the system changing, at least not any time soon. They might give us more keys but that’s probably about it.

Also, until we see these other game modes and elements introduced, its hard to evaluate what changes should occur


game modes arent going to address the dire need to revamp the chest system. It usually addresses greater problems with the game. Like relics and crystals.

But I dont think giving players a dozen new gameplay modes is really a great long term solution. Then you end up making it difficult for new players to get into the game and catch up. I found this out when trying to get into GoW. The game has game mode overload and incredibly difficult to enter as a new player.

  1. Too many currencies and materials to keep track of.
  2. Evolution system just never seems worth it. Because right now you have better luck finding an upgrade than you would trying to evolve a piece of gear. Which only leads to people feeling bad having to upgrade gear which materials are hard to come by and could be used on better quality gear.

One of two things need to change. Either evolving gear needs to be way less grindy or finding upgrades from chests needs to be easier. It comes to point that having to rely on RNG for too long will only drive people away over time. We want to feel like we are making progress.

To be more clear, it is possible that the new modes they introduce could also contemplate a reconfiguration of drop schemes or loot table updates or other modifications. All these discussions are good; just a lot of unknowns right now that could easily tilt the analysis.

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This is absolutely true. It won’t. Can’t stress it enough, you are 100% correct that game modes do not address the chest system.

However, game modes kinda equal the game? Right now we have story (I’m done), side quests (I’m done), PvP (max 2500 baby!). Why would we even need more gear at this point without something else to do?

Just a thought (one that the devs are not necessarily on board with in any way)… more modes could mean more ways to get the rando mats and then they can take said rando mats outta chests. Something to chew on.

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Super LTTP on this discussion,

You’re overlooking a key cornerstone of the F2P live service model.

  • F2P players get to deal with the random at all times.
  • Paying customers get either a narrower random selection or gain control of the power advancement process.

We’re still waiting to see the entire rollout of the game’s economy. RIght now, we can only see the F2P side of the economy. It remains to be seen how heavy the monetization is going to be for a player to gain control over their account’s power progression.

This won’t make a difference. Loot is generally balanced against progression over time. If the timer on chests are halved, then the devs will simply halve the loot the comes out chests, resulting in the exact same result, in terms of obtaining loot. (Example: what happened with loot in GoW when 4x speed was introduced into the game.)

Opened. A player can attempt to influence the spells that can drop out of Ruby/Diamond chests when switching to a given character class. I’ve never had a character roll a class spell that is “off-class” for that character.

And pretty much this. We need to see a more complete picture of the planned launch version of the game’s economy to give any meaningful feedback to the devs on this.

:woman_facepalming: The issue is what could they change to make me not hate it, not why won’t they do it, or what other parameter would they change to make me hate it again. I say “me” here because what would make King not hate it, wouldn’t work for me, and vice versa. This is a “what would it take” scenario within the CURRENT parameters of the game.

You’re not wrong, that they are balancing this stuff (or trying anyway) to fit their own model, not to make life easier for specific players. So it is extremely unlikely we will see any type of change that would increase the rate of loot gathering. But just because something will never happen, doesn’t mean the thing wouldn’t be an improvement for me. Some random billionaire is never going to swoop in and pay off my house. But it would certainly make my life easier if they did! :laughing:

YES! I’ve actively done that. For some reason it didn’t even occur to me here, though.

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I would love for the devs to give us a road map of sorts in terms of what is planned for the future. In terms of feature roll outs and updates to the road map as things change. A Road map does not need to be something set in stone, but give us an idea of what to look forward to.

New features, updates to critical systems, and the like. Let’s us know what they are looking at improve the game, but also could be a way to signal back that player frustrations with the game are being heard.

Anyway, back on topic. One thing that I fear is having to play 4 or 5 different grindy game modes for player power progress. I say, just remove the relics from chests and make them as a bonus loot reward after completing the dungeon. This gives an incentive to be playing and grinding dungeons in the long term. Especially if you want players to get to higher difficulty dungeons.

I think chests should exclusively contain gear, coin, food and ore. This reduces the pool to a more manageable number of items.

Runes and Scrolls should be moved to either be rewarded from PvP matches, or an entirely new mode altogether.

Higher rarity chests should also have their loot floor increased. Again, wasting gems, or time or expensive keys never feels good to get common and uncommon gear. They dont need to reward 6 rare items. but rewarding. say 2-3 rare items or better does make the experience and thrill of getting a diamond even better. Players want to feel like diamond chests are worth it.

That only leaves shards. I think chests should increase the amount, but reduce the variety. Rather than reward 2 different types, I say drop it to 1 but increase the amount you get.

Food/Ore should just be rewarded based on the chest you open. For example, Wooden chest just automically gives you 25 food/ore plus what ever you get. So they only thing you see are the actual rewards. Like shards, and gold. Rather than having to scroll through this list of items, most of which isnt super relevant to what most players care about when opening chests.

Im just throwing out ideas. Maybe even devs have planned changes, we can get our own with enough player support.

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We may not agree on the details, but… ^^^^ this!

However they need to balance it (rate of different chest drops etc)… Opening a chest should never feel bad. For instance, I never feel bad opening a wooden chest, ever. Its a wooden chest. I never feel bad opening an iron chest, either. Sometimes I’m even impressed.

Gold is pretty much always unexciting for me, but still also not some huge disappointment, either.

Diamond and to a slightly lesser extent, ruby chests? Much badness has been felt.

My other ideas were not well loved. So here’s another one that would remove some of my personal bad feelings… do as you say for the higher chests, even if it means they drop less frequently. I could really live with less high rarity chests if they had some adjusted loot tables.

It doesn’t even have to be some guarantee, for me. Just a tweak up on the loot, and I’m super fine with a corresponding tweak down in the chest rate.

I think the various tweaking will eventually happen. I do. Maybe not what you envision, or I envision. But the goal is a game people will play and generate revenue.

It really is soooooo early. As I said earlier, the new game modes could make all of our angst moot. We won’t know, for awhile.