Shield of Anthrite tossed when I didn’t know better

Help? So I tossed the Legendary Shield of Anthrite when I was a noob who didn’t have a clue. Will it ever come around again if I keep buying the 200 coin box?

Sorry to hear that. However, shield of anthrite and the other pieces of that set aren’t unique, so you can get several. It will take time due to the low drop probability, but you can get it again opening caches.

Cool! Thank you, I’ll keep trying! Just wondered if I should give up and move on :slight_smile:

I did the same with 2 sets of Watcher’s shoulders; I thought I’d try my luck for a glyph from the duplicate, but ended up deleting both by mistake.

I gave up on caches when I got 2 lots of minion shards in a row.

Help? I have been trying for months to get the Sheila of Anthrite. @Jeto is it even possible to get it again in the season 1.1 prizes? I’ve been using pretty much every ancient coin I can get my fuzzy paws on!

All the Seasonal gear is attainable by playing through that Season’s Dungeons or opening caches like @HigureTheStillWind has mentioned :sparkles:

Thanks for calming a stupidly anxious user :smile:

I’ll try paying through!

Thank you again!


@Legotech Shield is only attainable in the cache (not the dungeon). And I recommend you only buying the 200 coin one, as that gives you the best odds of getting it as well as other cool prizes.