[Check PSN settings] Gear Caches missing in the Shop

Hello All.

In the name of few Players I want to share missing Gear Caches issue. Playstation platform. They can’t see it in Shop/collectables neither Shop/featured. Unable to finish the Festival of Saviors because of that. I asked them to reinstall but it didn’t help.

I am curious if any more Players noticed that as well.
Here I post some screenshots.
Oooops : “An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”
Unable to post them. Did sth wrong ?

Thank You for attetion, Good Luck !

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You need to have loot boxes enabled to see and use it. Go to settings, then account, and make sure show loot boxes is enabled (its disabled by default). This will allow you to see and use the gear caches and the season archive caches found in every season chapter.

If you have your settings enabled (as Kenpo described) and you still can’t see the Gear cache, can you share your name code and I will follow this up with the team.

That was it, problem solved. Thank You very much Kenpo and Jeto. Good Luck !