Attributes and Upgrading

Update 0.35 was released to make upgrading more streamlined - and I personally appreciated that update. That being said, the journey of bringing an item from common to mythic is an incredibly large investment. To me, this investment should be either a more fair or transparent path for players. I recall we have discussed this before, but I haven’t managed to find the thread.

Here are two QoL/Improvements which would make the journey a lot more rewarding:

  • Making the attributes visible from any rarity. This route brings transparency, and would likely lead to people farming for commons looking to fine-tune their equipment and bring a piece of equipment all the way up to mythic. This is personally my favorite option, as it allows players to see what they are investing in.
  • Allowing the “rerolling” of attributes (perhaps with the overpriced, yet abundant runes, which you are constantly trying to sell us for 750 crowns).

I am not suggesting both – to me, just one of these would be sufficient.

Another suggestion which I have seen is the removal of “useless” attributes from equipment (I.e., darkpact on a red royal longsword). Just for clarity I want to give my opinion on why I don’t support this idea:

  • In some cases, it may work out for our benefit (i.e., firepact on a blue bone ring is currently very situationally useful)
  • Future classes may combine multiple colors and therefore make this difficult (i.e., a class based on red and purple)

This bullshit needs to end, what a waste of upgrading materials

BUT if you really want to see waste, salvage it for a cents on the dollar return on investment and try again

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