Seeing potential item attributes on all gear

I think it would be great to be able to see the future item attributes on all gear (greyed out but visible), and for low level items, the expected color as well would be helpful too.

This would increase the chance that each new item is something of interest (rather than automatic salvage) and would allow for investment in items to be a decision with known rewards - The choice is then: do I farm for the item with better attributes OR do I upgrade the item I now have which will get an average attribute. Each player gets to decide what’s best for them on an item by item basis.

It keeps the random attributes “feature” but also starts to provide interesting and meaningful choices for players.

It would also help address the current issue that some items have sub-optimal attributes (say lightpact on a blue item), but you don’t know that until AFTER you have heavily invested into an item to upgrade it. And without an “undo” button, the current salvage option does not provide sufficient resources to “fix” this if you get something poor.
Given that the higher level upgrades are such a significant investment of resources, doing so with more information seems reasonable.

A key point here is that you have to be able to see ALL of the attributes from the start - I do not want to spend the resources and time to evolve an item to legendary and then to mythic only to find that my attributes are poor.

As an alternative, perhaps Darkhunter could use Food resource to provide a look ahead, on a per item basis.


I like this idea and would be thrilled if they would implement it.

We need something to address the fact that a lot of gear have attributes that are completely irrelevant.

Other possible ideas:

  • Allow a follower to change gear attributes
  • Allow a follower to reveal gear’s potential (much like Mythos is describing)
  • Allow a follower to perform the upgrade and let us select the attribute
  • Offer an item that allows us to change an attribute