No use of un/common equipment

After a really short time of playing any common or uncommon equipment become useless and will always be traded. The problem is you do not know either the element nor the ability when you upgrade these items to the rare state. And instead of investing your resources into something, that might result in the desired element, it is better to wait until you get it as rare element and then you can decide if you like the item or not.

There should be a possibility to know what you get when you upgrade stuff to the rare state. The abilities of equipment could be included into the overview accessible in the dungeons or when you upgrade it to rare. The element bonus could be provided by either giving uncommon equipment a +1 bonus or it should also be available in the upgrade overview when you move it to rare.

In my case of my about 50 rare items I got, I only got two for blue bonus. With the Necromancer being my primary class this makes me little bit upset, because it feels so random. Allowing me to see what all the uncommon stuff would become, it does not feel so random anymore.

Common items you can scrap safely once you have uncommon or better in every slot. In terms of what to spend your shards on, you should try to hold out and find a rare item for that slot and upgrade that. While having one that matches your primary colour is nice, you get more benefit from higher rarity and higher level gear.

Uncommon you will want to hold onto one for each slot in order to ensure you can enter the Restricted PVP tournaments. Each week those rotate to a different restriction, and atleast until the update a couple of days ago there simply wasn’t enough inventory space to hold one item of each slot in each colour. Uncommon with their lack of assigned colour meant they could be used in these tournaments if you lacked compatible gear.

Knowing what future bonuses they have, and their colour on upgrading would be useful to know.

@Avenger that is very true, but I don’t think that is what @Sauron is talking about here.

I believe the issue is that we CAN evolve from uncommon (or starting from common) to rare, but without a way to see what that would produce, no one will? Thus why even have the option?

To Sauron, though… Unless the piece in question, activates off of a certain gem color match, don’t worry about it. You do not need a full suit of blue items for a necro. My main is a necro and her primary loadout has 3 blue mana items.

But you probably will want to :slight_smile:

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haha well in a perfect world. But since rarity trumps all right now… :eyes:

Yeah. Once you have finished the main story and want to take bigger challenges, it is rare or nothing.

I mean it is not that you get the stuff for free. You still have to find the matching gear and you need to upgrade it. And making it more interessting to upgrade stuff can absolutly resulting in players spent more money into it.