Weapon Question

I have a question in regards to the item drops: what are the chances of me getting a Firewalker’s Spear? I need two in orer to evolve the weapon and I need to know if it would be tenable to get two of those or just wait for a higher-tier weapon and upgrade that.

Just wait for a higher tier weapon. The scrolls used for the weapon are better spent getting followers to uncommon, as they will all require 4 each to uncommon.

Pretty sure Assassin, Shaman, and possibly Paladin can get away with never upgrading their weapon in place of high cast damage builds or stun luck. Berserker and Necromancer are a lot more weapon dependent compared to the other 3.

Well, here’s the thing, this is supposed to be a gear-dependent game, like the first two Puzzle Quests and to some extent, Galactrix. It makes sense that mechanically I would want to upgrade my gear. But essentially none of the weapons I picked up are even uncommon. So if all the game wants to give me is common weapons, it could at least have the decency to give me the common weapon I’m currently subatomically attached to at the moment. That or more armor or accessory shards. I could really use those right now, I need to catch my armor and more so my resistance up.

Unlike you, who’s just turning the game into fondue, I’m playing the game the way that I can at least infer was intended, grinding out the upgrade items, slowly working my way towards progression. On top of that, I don’t really have that killer combo yet, unless level 15 gives me some super-uber-combo-starter kill move.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, I HAVE gotten weapons before. Twice. They were both common. And I’m going to save my gems at this point to get two character slots because I might have to be at the point where I start abusing the fact that they have rewards for clearing nodes with each class.

And I STILL might get nothing but commons for my trouble.

What is the balance of this game and why is it so skewed towards money?

I actually didn’t get my first rare weapon until finishing the storyline, then I magically got 2 rare weapons at once. Was kind of funny. XD

I recently got a Rare mace, and it has a special trait that gives it a 30% chance to stun if I make a gem match that includes a V or higher Green gem.

Niche circumstance but it’d be really good if there was a purple variant.


P.S. ‘Body seems unclear’? BRUH.

I got a rare weapon orb last night that ironically seems like it is meant for berserker. It has a 1% chance per red on the board every time you take a skull to blind the enemy for 4 turns. Blind makes their auto-attack do 50% less damage.

Many rares have some really strong abilities. Could only imagine how strong the epic/legend/mythic stuff gets.

A Mythic Dwarven Hammer, which comes from the Chapter 4 dungeon, has a 90% chance to stun when matching size V+ gems of the corresponding color, which I believe is chosen randomly when the item drops. I’ll work on a full Gear lookup soon.