Need a way to upgrade the runes and scrolls used for Ascension

After having the Hunter from chapter 14 for a few days now, combined with the natural drop rate that exists within the game, there appears to be a slight problem. The game gives waaaay too many uncommon runes compared to what can ever be used.

Since Hunter is obtained in chapter 14, most people by then would have either rares or uncommons that they are already committed to. By the time a person reaches even obtaining the follower, they would generally be past the need of upgrading common equipment to uncommon, but would have a need for the scrolls and the runes that upgrade to rare.

The biggest issue right now is that the uncommon runes are basically a dead currency that does nothing only a week into the game. Could only imagine how big the number would be after months and years of playing the game if something isn’t done about their usefulness.

We need some kind of way to upgrade these runes and scrolls to bigger runes and scrolls for when the smaller ones are no longer needed. The upgrading material doesn’t necessarily need this as there will always be a need to get stuff from level 1-10, but there won’t always be a need to get something from common to uncommon.

One possible breakdown could be something like:
4 Uncommon Runes + 2,500 Gold = 1 Rare Rune
4 Rare Runes + 5,000 Gold = 1 Random Colored Epic Rune
4 Same Colored Epic Rune + 10,000 Gold = 1 Same Colored Legendary Rune
4 Same Colored Legendary Rune + 20,000 Gold = 1 Same Colored Mythic Rune

With of course all of these same breakdowns applying to scrolls as well, though scrolls do take quite a bit longer before they reach the same uselessness per rarity due to followers.

Gems of War is notorious for creating dead currencies, so it would probably be a good idea to not do the same thing for PQ3, especially with one currently becoming dead within only 1-4 weeks of gameplay in the current state of the game.

Also send a related suggestion here:
Salvaging a leveled items should refund a portion of used shards rather than fixed number.
e.g. salvage an Level 15 item should refund at least 10 more minor shards and 10 more lesser shards than now.

Yeah, I salvaged a level 10 common when I got the rare because the level 1 rare was stronger. Ascending it takes too many resources, so just scrapped it for nearly 0.

Almost the one month mark of early access and I have nearly 100 uncommon runes that currently do nothing.

Really could use some kind of system that makes them not useless. They are the only dead currency in the game.

Eventually the same thing will happen to uncommon scrolls as well though, likely by the 2 month mark.

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Also, if making an upgrading system per color over crowds the game, it can be simplified to 2 easy steps for runes and scrolls.

Uncommon to Rare → Rare to Random Epic

Random epic rune/scroll action already exists within the game. This would allow uncommon and rare runes/scrolls to ascend out of uselessness while also keeping legendary and mythic out of this system so that they still have to be earned naturally.

That way it would basically be what was mentioned before only up to epic, in which it would go:
4 Uncommon Runes + 2,500 Gold = 1 Rare Rune
4 Rare Runes + 5,000 Gold = 1 Random Colored Epic Rune

These costs in gold are around the cost of when they show up as a daily.

To make uncommons into a random epic rune/scroll, it would cost 16 uncommon runes/scrolls and 15,000 gold.
(4 uncommon runes 4 times into rare runes, then 4 rare runes into random epic rune.)