Scrolls - Uncommon scrolls

How does one acquire uncommon scrolls other than through Hunter? I’m sitting on 2 uncommon scrolls for the last week with 2 level 10 followers waiting to be leveled up

Ruby chests, diamond chests, daily offers, and hunter.

By the time Hunter is obtained, it normally requires several hundred gems in order to instantly finish his crafting for a bunch of the scrolls.

I’ve been in this boat for a good while now as well. I don’t have the Hunter yet.

I’ve had some success running chapter 3 & 4 Skirmishes until I get Ruby chests. Out of 3 ruby chests, I’ve received 2 uncommon scrolls.

Uncommon definitely seems to be the LEAST common by far. Have a TON of rare and Legendary scrolls already.

Wanted a no gem usage way. Oh well. Guess maybe it’s time to switch heroes to rack them up.

Uncommon scrolls are level 10 items. Farm high-rarity, very low-level chests for the best odds of obtaining them.

You think lvl10 skirmishes drop them?

Figured it out, thanks. All because you are high level doesn’t mean you can’t do lower level skirmishes. Now I’m on my way to leveling my gear and followers. Thanks all.