Uncommon scroll issue post 2.5 Spell Rework

This has already been discussed previously, but since I believe there has been no official recognition of the issue (correct me if I am wrong) I wanted to make the point again: uncommon scroll have become a serious bottleneck in upgrading spells for players after 2.5 Spell Rework.

I want to start reminding that one of the goals of the Spell Rework was to make it possible to upgrade and use lots of spells. So the main limitation to this should be getting the necessary number of spell pages. However, the reality is that new players are siting on tons of spell pages but not able to upgrade them because they lack the necessary uncommon scrolls.

As an example, my secondary account is nearly 2 months old and I have the following:

  • 35 spells rare or above
  • 32 spells at common +

Those 32 spells have an average of around 300 spell pages each, but here it comes the problem… I only have 24 uncommon scrolls, meaning I can only upgrade 24 of them to uncommon, or 8 of them to rare and beyond.

So, after 2 months I am only able to upgrade to rare 43 spells from the 156. I believe this completely goes against the said goal of letting us collect, upgrade and experiment, and generates lots of frustration as we cannot upgrade all those spells even if we have the necessary spell pages.

Why is this happening?

  1. Spells do not longer drop at uncommon or higher rarity. Players before the rework hardly had to use uncommon scrolls to upgrade spells since most already dropped at that or higher rarity

  2. The cost of upgrading has tripled after the Spell Rework. Before the rework only 1 uncommon scroll was needed to upgrade a spell to rare, but now we need 3 of them.

  3. Uncommon scrolls are designed to be a beginner resource so mostly appear on low level chests. That means that as we become more powerful the chance to get them decreases. Even Darkhunter hardly helps, since the drop rate of uncommon scrolls is really low as compared to rare and if you level him up he stops crafting them at all. So we have now a resource needed in high quantities but that only is given in low amounts at the early stages of the game.

  4. Scrolls are also used to upgrade minions, making their scarcity even worse since it means having to decide between upgrading spells or minions.

I believe there is a clear lack of balance regarding scrolls that should be revised. My opininion is that the easiest way to try to correct this would be to remove the scroll cost of upgrading spells to rarity +.

Another useful option would be to make us able to select which rarity we want when crafting runes/scrolls with Darkhunter. We are getting to the point that players don’t upgrade Darkhunter so that they can still get a chance to get uncommon scrolls…
I hope you look into this issue and find a way to solve it. Since it is only an early player’s issue the complaints about this may not be heard so often, but believe me when I said that there are plenty and regular, newer players find it really frustrating.

Thank you for your time and hard work.


Maybe they could increase the chance of a minion dropping a uncommon scroll? Or what if the uncommon scroll became a permanent added salvage drop to all rarities of minions?

So for example, you go to salvage your level 20 rare hermit crab and you still get your normal drops including the 2% chance of getting an epic ice scroll, but you also have a 2% chance of getting an uncommon scroll as well. I think this could work, although maybe it won’t be applicable after the eventual minion rework anyway?

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Even easier fix, add uncommon scrolls to one of the replayable adventures (or a new one) as the bonus reward. I really liked Borderlands Bash when it gave the ancient coins, but since they regrettably took that away again, that might be a good candidate for the bonus uncommon scrolls upon completion.

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I have brought up scrolls a LOT in my most recent meetings! So it’s on everyone’s mind, cos like everyone else, a large chunk of my spells can’t be upgraded due to a lack of rare and uncommon scrolls.

I don’t have anything further yet, but it is something we are looking into.


Since you have the ability to add them to adventures upon completion. Adding it to one of the replayable ones (at least for now) is a good band aid fix, till you come up with a permanent solution. And honestly, that alone could probably work as a permanent solution.

I would really like to see Dark Hunter have some specific choice options, like to pick what rarity scroll you want to make instead of what he has going on currently

I have passed on the Adventure idea as well along with a heap of others the past couple of weeks, as I don’t want it to drop off cos we are all excited about the Forge.


Yeah, right now it’s really weird that upgrading Dark Hunter is a trap that you can’t recover from. I would have left him at level 15 if I’d known. Even now, I’m leaving him at level 25 so I can consistently convert ore to rare scrolls (which will become the next big bottleneck after uncommons). Adding more options would fix that; a Legendary Dark Hunter should really be able to do everything an Uncommon Dark Hunter could! :slight_smile:


Good to know. Than you! :blush:

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