I have an uncommon scroll problem

So I read the post about doing low level skirmishes to get lower level chests, and you can salvage common minions, or use the Hunter (which I don’t have) and I’ve spent the last week plus doing those and no uncommon scrolls. I’m level 31 and I get tons of higher level materials. There must be something else. I have two primary spells that I’ve had since level 5 that are stuck, one has 53 pages and the other 71, and I can’t use them until I get this lower level scroll. I needed just one for a week, now I need 3.

Either use Darkhunter, play in Events (events have low level chests so tend to give low level prizes), or make a new character and play story mode for uncommon scrolls. You should get them fairly quickly.

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New characters have a shared inventory?

Yes, characters share the same inventory.

I want to use this post to raise again the scroll issue created by the Spell Rework. One of the main goals of the Spell Rework was to help us being able to experiment with different spells. However, the reality is that due to the extra scroll costs added with rarity + newer players can only evolve a few spells even if they have tons of spell pages.

I have recently started a second account, and currently I have 31 spells. From them, 22 have enough pages to be upgraded. However, I have only enough uncommon scrolls to upgrade 9 of them to uncommon + and rare scrolls to upgrade 8 of them to rare +. And let’s not talk about epic scrolls, a player wanting to use 4 spells of same color already had it difficult to get 3x4 epic scrolls, so now that we need twice that number… I have enough legendary scrolls and spell pages to get some spells to legendary if it wasn’t for the 3x2 epic scroll cost. Of course, all this means that I can forget about evolving minions since they also require scrolls.

The addition of rarity + for extra mastery was a nice one, but doubling the amount of scrolls needed (or in the case of uncommon scrolls tripling it) was a really bad one. Right now we are getting plenty of spell pages but we hardly have scrolls to be able to evolve them. We have already complained about this and I believe there was some feedback from Jeto saying the team was already looking at it. But I wanted to bring this back because after experiencing firs hand it I can really say it makes progressing spells a nightmare for newer players.

Thank you for your time and work.

PD: just to give a bit more of comparison. With the amount of uncommon scrolls I estimate to have gotten through the year and 4 months I have been playing with my main account, I would only be able to evolve 100 spells… I find it unreasonable that after 1 year of playing a new player wouldn’t be able to have all spells at least past uncommon…


Even not new players.

I’ve got a backlock of spell pages going completely unused because of lack of epic scrolls.

I believe I’ve been able to upgrade one – maybe two – spells since 3.0 dropped. No more. Because I’ve not gotten any scrolls to do so with.


This is, I should say, just on my main hero.

Because – another effect of 3.0 – I’ve simply stopped playing any of my other heroes. The battle scrolls mean I’ve given up on all of them.

Which means – far from encouraging me to experiment with more spells – I now experiment with fewer.

I’m stuck with whatever spells I had on my one hero, and I’ve ceased to explore any other heroes or spell sets.


I did MORE experimenting with gear and spells before the new spell and gear changes.

Now I’m completely static, because I can no longer upgrade the items I’m interested in trying out and because the random drops - in the very rare case they give me anything good - are, far more often than not, useless to my one hero and its builds.


Far from encouraging me to explore more spells or gear, 3.0 has completely shut down the exploring I was doing… making the game far more boring and unrewarding as a result.

I have always been completely opposed to having independent battle scrolls for each character. With spell books it has more sense, but the battle scroll case is just a way to make things more difficult for players. The game was designed for players to try all classes, preventing it by making each class upgrade independently was a huge design flaw in my opinion. I have argued strongly against it once and again, but I am afraid there are no news about it being considered by the team (I hope to be wrong).

The spell scroll issue was at least reported to be in the team radar, so I hope it is still being considered and worked on.


Can someone explain to me the issue with epic scrolls? The shop offers three epic scrolls of every color for gems on a weekly basis. 375 gems per scroll. You also have Darkhunter who doesn’t need to be at the highest level to craft epic scrolls.

Just the other day I crafted 5 purple scrolls with his last crafting ability and 4 of them were epic.
Many adventures also have epic scrolls as rewards or are available to buy from merchants.

When I created my calculator sheet for spell scrolls I needed ~130 000 gems to buy all the epic scrolls I needed to upgrade all spells. Today I need less than 100 000 gems, which means that in about two months I collected close to 100 epic scrolls of various colors.

So, what is the issue?

The issue is that you need gems for those epic scrolls in the shop or with Darkhunter’s last ability. Which are also needed to get glyphs, to exchange mythic relics with Eveline, reforging attributes…

So if you don’t have any problems with spending gems on what it should be a medium value resource, then of course you will have no issues there. But I believe I am not the only one completely opposed to wasting valuable gems on something like epic scrolls.

Not so many. Most adventures give epic runes, but the ones giving epic scrolls are fewer.

The main problem here is that there is no balance at all with these resources. The game has changed a lot, increasing the need for scrolls due to rarity + evolving and decreasing the need for runes now they are only needed for honing, but the resources haven’t been rebalanced and we still get more runes than scrolls. Also, “high value” scrolls/runes (legendary and mythic) have always been easier to get than “mid value” epic scrolls/runes, so that a lot of time you end up with them being a bottleneck. I have an average 30 epic scrolls of each color, while having 300 legendary and 250 mythic. That feels pretty awful and makes things difficult when you are starting. Additionally, scrolls are also used to evolve minions, making them even more limiting. I hate having to choose between evolving minions or spells to epic, while I sit on tons of legendary and mythic scrolls I will never use.

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I wouldn’t be surprised by recent events (the additional rewards being added to adventures) if we don’t see uncommon, rare, or epic scrolls being added to Wizards Circle when we finish it. I’m very anxious to see in fact to see if anything reward wise has been added to it or not.

This latest adventure for example has had 5 epic relics added to it, and while I think Legendary relics would have been a better choice, its still additional rewards being added from before, and that’s great!