Please Fix Drop Rate for Rare Scrolls!

Why is it so hard to get Rare Scrolls???

I have no issues getting Uncommon, Epic, Legendary & Mythic Scrolls / Runes but doesn’t matter what I do in the game, I never get any Rare Scrolls.

I have tried doing low and high level skirmish / dungeon battles, opening all chest types and crafting the random scroll option with Darkhunter but still never get Rare Scrolls.

How can a Rare Scroll be the hardest to obtain???

I have 10 spells stuck on Uncommon+ and Rare because I never get Rare Scrolls. How am I supposed to upgrade spells if the game never gives Rare Scrolls, you would think they would be one of the easiest to get especially when I have no issues getting Uncommon Runes / Scrolls and Rare Runes.

You can see by the attached pics how unbalanced it is. This is 1 of many things that frustrate me with this game but as always I’m guessing this feedback will just be ignored like everything else.

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Interesting, for me the problem has been always epic scrolls.

However, this may be one of the main issues of the new spell system. Getting the extra mastery from the rarity + is nice, but doubling on the scrolls needed to evolve a single spell will surely exarcerbate the scroll bottleneck. Now that the system is intended to evolve many spells, requiring twice the amount of scrolls is working against that goal, specially since scrolls have always had the problem of being needed both for spells and minions.

We are still testing the new system but my guess is that as time passes we are going to get more and more complaints about not being able to evolve spells due to not having enough scrolls.


In a year you will have 100 maybe 200+ of them in your inventory and nothing to spend them on.

I’ve been playing for a couple of years and have over 600 of them.

I’d advise keeping 10/15 of them and using those if you want to upgrade a spell you are actually going to use. For the other spells upgrade them in a couple of months when you hopefully have some spares.


I’m replaying the main storyline now to get more Rare Scrolls which you start to get at chapter 5 but now the game is crashing on me at chapter 5 part 3 when I try and click on the conversation. Going to log a bug report now.

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Is it possible that because of the salvaging of duplicate spells in the old system, we had more rare scrolls?

The % was terrible (0.1% for level), so even if it is true that we got a few that way the amount was probably too low. I believe the main problem is that now a single spell requires 5 rare scrolls instead of 2.

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In old system you could gain and often did gain already evolved spells, now you can not get evolved spells anymore.

  1. you need more scrolls to evolve them
  2. you need scrolls for every single spell now

Which means you need at least double the amount then before, but very likely much more.
So if the system before was balanced (haha … haha … ha), it now must be very unbalanced, cause no changes in droprates here. (at least no communicted changes, and they always tell us changes in droprates, ask Jeto … haha … haha … ha … )
Its as usual as simple as this.
Try and error gamedesign.

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Will more scrolls mean even less food lol,

Would be possible to just highen the amount per drop of scroll … but dont know if Dev is able to use a calculator to manage such extraordinary difficult mathematical processes as multiplications are …

Now, image a similar system being applied to Weapons, Armor, and Accessories in 3.0.

Swap relics in for spell pages and runes for scrolls. And think of the implications of the spell page system being applied to all Gear, as they would be quite significant. On top of that, if so, that’s another +4 Legendary Relics per piece to get through the Legendary tier, and another +9 Mythic relics per piece to reach Ancient Mythic.

Darkhunter is already quietly becoming everyone’s best friend in my guild, despite all of his warts and flaws. He very well become a necessity after the gear rework next update.

Spells and gear have a much different feel, so I want to believe the new gear system won’t be like the spell one.

Additionally, I hope they have learned a lesson from the Spell Rework on which changes have been well received and which haven’t. But just in case, these are the most problematic aspects of the new Spell system that in my opinion should not happen for gear:

  1. Going back to specific resources for upgrading. Getting pages for each spell might be flavorful, but mechanically it is a step back to the beginnings of the game when duplicates were needed to upgrade items. This was changed to require more generic resources (dungeon specific relics first and universal relics later) to make the upgrade process easier. Even after the increase in spell page drops, having to farm an specific dungeon to evolve the spells you want is annoying and tiresome. So I really hope they don’t even think of going back to specific resources with the new gear system, or I will be really disappointed.

  2. Rarity +. Upgrading items in this game is already a tedious and long process, we don’t need further steps to make it even worse. The idea of rarity + in spells to increase mastery and make spells stronger (something it was always being asked) isn’t so bad, although the execution in my opinion has been terrible (requiring twice or even more of each scrolls for each spell is a huge drawback, specially for newer players). Again, this is something that shouldn’t be included in the new gear system.

  3. Upgrading characters separately. This should be something exclusive of the spell system, since the gear has no class-specificity. But just in case I wanted to point out this as another issue of the Spell rework. Having to upgrade characters separately make players less inclined to try different classes, reducing the joy of experimenting.

  4. Not testing or doing estimations to check everything works as intended. We all know what happened with the spell pages issue and how bad it felt. Sure, it has been fixed, but those initial weeks weren’t nice for anyone. I do hope that once the gear rework is released everything is working as intended.

With the Spell rework recent in my memory I am waiting the Gear rework with mixed feelings, looking forward to a nice new system but wary of old issues and mistakes happening again. But since I like to look on the bright side, I trust that this time things will work much better.


I bet against it, no Dev in my whole career as a gamer has prooven more impressively that they are absolute learning resistant then this one.
Even nobody else ever did in my whole life.
Making one and the same mistake one time after the other, always, and learning absolute nothing out of it, is something that really shows a level of hard headedness that is extraordinary.
I hope thats not the normal case in Australia.

I don’t know how much things have improved for the new players, I’ll just say what’s going on with me:

I have several spells with many pages that I don’t evolve because I’m afraid of running out of scrolls for those that interest me. I have a lot of equipment frozen at level 25 because it’s missing runes.

Without the need for dramatic changes, I think that the easy mode of the various seasons could simply give the prizes as happens in the main story. The same could happen with the follower sidequests. New players don’t have many spaces for chests or many keys, this way we would have more motivation to try the old seasons and we would always have a few more resources that are sorely lacking in the initial phase.

Regarding the minions - I would really like to evolve some, but I haven’t done so - I’m already lacking scrolls for spells - so I have to wait hours for them to open the chests, with little chance of receiving a key at the end.

Thank you for your attention


Jumping in quickly! This is on our radar :sparkles: I don’t have much to share at the moment but it is something we are looking into and will be reviewing in the future.


Just my own quick two cents, I get plenty of rare scrolls in chests. Sitting on 82 in my inventory at the moment after leveling up a ton of spells.

We can overview players’ scroll levels via account data, and break it down by progress, account age and hero level.

So we will be able to have a more accurate overview of what scrolls players have on their accounts, what games modes are being played and how they are being spent :sparkles:

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