Scroll break down

So ive been here for a couple of solid years now and ive accrued alot of rss to play around with BUT i upgraded 1 light spell to epic+ and ive only got 2 light epic scrolls left. I HAVE 7 SPELLS WAITING TO MOVE TO EPIC+!!! grrrr. I think its time to get serious about a break down option for mythic and legendary even if its a terrible value deal. Especially important if there is a gear rework coming with epic and epic+ :thinking: thats alot of the hardest rss to farm. Tier 4 relics are easier to find


The 2-2.5x increase in needed scrolls is surely a problem. It was already a problem before the spell rework due to needing them both for spells and minions, but now it has become so that it does feel easier to evolve spells to legendary and even mythic than just to epic +.

The ability to craft lower rarity runes/scrolls with higher rarity ones sounds nice, it isn’t free value since you still need to get the higher rarity resources but still helps and more importantly it will make us feel better when we get legendary or mythic runes/scrolls in chests or rewards. There is something clearly wrong when getting a mythic rune or scroll in KD rewards feels even worse than getting just shards, or by getting depressed after opening a chest full of just rare/epic relics and legendary/mythic runes/scrolls.

It is nice to know that this is also being addressed, because the more pages we get without being able to evolve spells, the worse it feels. So as time passes this will become more and more frustrating.


I’m definitely another one sitting on a whole bunch of spells I can’t upgrade now. While I can understand wanting players to prioritize, it’s nonetheless getting very frustrating - the randomness of spell drops combined with the relative dearth of scrolls puts us back to that vastly increased timeline to make progress.


Ive been using up epic runes for a long time now to fill my gear library with everything i think i might need in all the colors :face_with_peeking_eye: now we find out about an upcoming gear rework. If i had any clue that was going to happen i wouldve been hoarding epic runes like gold bars, now im terrified that gear is going to have epic & epic+ upgrades that will req 2x the runes to get thru :worried:

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Ah, Dev can overlook it, ask Jeto.
He just does not.
Or at least not before changing complete mechanic.
So wait another 6 month until other, more important changes nobody did ask for are here with dozens of new problems and it will be surely fixed, at least partly, as usual.