[Not a bug] Spell Evolution Removes 10X Scrolls Shown

Spell showed “Evolve” 40/3, but when selecting the evolve button it took 30 Epic Scrolls.

I was expecting it to take 3, but this happened on another spell previously so I thought I wasn’t understanding how these upgrades work and have been afraid to try it. Jeto asked me to submit a ticket so I hope that is what this is.

I didn’t take a screenshot as I didn’t know if it was an actual issue and don’t have enough scrolls left to try again. I believe it was the Ray of Frost spell but am not 100% sure - it’s and Ice spell and one I don’t use but was what I had spell pages for.

I select the spell by choosing its “upgrade” button in the spell inventory. The info screen comes up and the “Evolve” button is there, over a picture of the Epic Ice Scroll and 40/3. When I selected “Evolve” I was left with 10/3. I checked my Epic Ice Scroll count in my inventory and it is 10.

My name is LORDOFDEPIES_FRJL and I play on XBOX version

Thank you I love this game.

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I jumped into your data and can see the following for Ray of Frost:
Feb 15, at 9:42 AM - Ray of Frost Spell Upgrade
40 > 37 (-3) Rare Scrolls

Rare Ray of Frost > Rare+ Ray of Frost

This matches your description mostly of what was displayed, except it is rare scrolls and not the element-specific epic scrolls.
So, you should still have 37 Rare scrolls in your inventory

Now in your upgrade screen it will likely be displaying 10/3 because you now need Epic Ice Scrolls, and you have 10 of those.

As upgrading from Rare+ to Epic costs 3 Epic Ice Scrolls.

Ok thank you so much for looking at this. So, the picture beneath the “Evolve” button changed from a Rare scroll before the upgrade, to an Epic Ice scroll afterwards, and I thought it was the same scroll. Got it. Thanks again!