Spell Rework: opinion poll

As per @Swivel suggestion and as a way to get a simple summary of everyone’s feelings about the Spell Rework I have taken the liberty of creating a quick poll about it. I hope the options cover all the major views but don’t hesitate to comment for further explanations or ask me to include more options.

What is your general opinion about the Spell Rework?

  • I liked better the previous system, it shouldn’t have changed.
  • The new system is great as it is.
  • The current system is ok but it has slight balancing issues. Some changes would make it better.
  • The current system is not ok due to serious balancing issues. It requires big changes to make it better.
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I voted: “The current system is not ok due to serious balancing issues. It requires big changes to make it better.”

But honestly I think I liked it better before it’s just that I don’t see it happening ever.

I’ve been farming non stop Dragon Rest dungeon since the rework because I like Holy Avenger, paladin class spell, the dungeon also drops 2 other generic spells, Frost Bolt and Sacred Flame.
I’ve found truckloads of FB pages, the spell went from epic to epic+ to Legendary and it’s at 386/1000 towards Legendary+ so if my math is right it’s 300+300+700+386=1686 FB pages.
For Sacred Flame it was Legendary already before the patch and it’s currently at 790 pages to L+.
And finally, HA was lvl50 before 2.5 and I’ve found 1297 pages so far. I’ve been lucky a couple times with 250 pages drops but most of the time I get stacks of 10, sometimes 50 and worst of all, individual pages. In a 24h period I can get nothing at all of the spell I’m looking for.
I don’t mind grinding when you can target what you want, the 2 generic spells I don’t even use in any build, this is such a waste of my time, that’s why I’m sharing this data because I don’t think many players kept farming one dungeon non stop since 2.5, most were smart enough to go xp in the archives or do something else than PQ3 entirely.

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First of all, I want to say I am not gamer-this is the only game I play. So, I really appreciate the veterans who spend the time tracking, charting and explaining the game so others can have a better understanding of the game!

The spell update seems to be way out of balance. I feel the amount of glyphs to update a spell book should be balanced with a way to obtain the glyphs such as offering using honor or marks (getting a glyph with marks was an option at one time). I know this has been mentioned from other players-I do agree.

My main complaint is the ability to upgrade a spell. Really, spell page of “1”-I feel is not only a joke but degrading to players. There definitely needs to be a better way of upgrading the spells a player wants and chooses to upgrade. I have played a dungeon over and over with just a few pages for the spell I want to upgrade. While getting pages for spells I probably will never use. Maybe being able to savage the spell pages of spells I do not want into spell dust to use to upgrade the spell I do want could be an option. But no matter what the changes to spell books-please get rid of the “1” spell page-so ridiculous!


My recommended changes would be to (and not saying they all have to be implemented of course) …

1 ) Get rid of rarity plus as it serves no real point, just put the extra mastery in the existing remaining rarities.

  1. Get rid of 1 page drops as they’re extremely insulting and start with 10 and work up from there, 50 at uncommon, etc. Alternatively, what if you have spell pages in every chest as a additional drop? That way even if you are getting 1 page drops you’re constantly getting progress and don’t feel like your time is being wasted.

  2. Tweak Xione, her numbers are already low and having rng on top of that is a bit insulting. All her powers are weak and most simply are not worth using at all.

  3. Season spells need to be fixed. I already got my cache drops surprisingly fast this year, but instead of celebrating my good fortune and being able to save my remaining coins, I’m being forced to waste all my coins on caches in the attempt to get spell pages for coin spells. Its pretty insulting and makes me feel like I’m not getting any real value from my platinum pass this time around.


Yup. Right now that looks pretty representative of how you folks are feeling based on my reading. The changes coming soon should help.

But, we might lock the comments on this one and direct people with feedback over to the other thread:

Just keeps the ideas and feedback together that way. Thank you!