A couple of quick questions for a new player

Hello, the original puzzle quest was one of my favorite games on the iPad so I am familiar enough about how this game is played. A couple of quick questions though. 1, Should I be collecting every piece of gear from every set and salvaging duplicates that are common or should I salvage everything that I’ve not been upgrading? 2, I have an Assassin who is at level 33. Should I be building up one specific set of gear (Firewalker, Guard, etc.) and Salvage the mix of ones I’ve been building up so I can use that to build up the specific set?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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If you try to collect one of every item in each set, you’re going to heavily limit how many weapons you can hold, which may make Elite tournaments harder since they require specific weapons and colors.

I’d recommend plotting out a specific 12 item set for your assassin, and chase that set with all dark mastery (assuming you’re monocolored), and then do the same with each class. Salvage all equipment that doesn’t match the set/color you’re looking for.

Edit: I personally recommend keeping all rare+ weapons you get unless you already have that weapon in said color

Great. Thank you for the help. I’m assuming that I should salvage duplicate minions as well?

That depends. Up to you. Some players like having multiple copies of Minions with high speed and high key chance. Pussbag, snack rat, and Octoghoul are the popular ones iirc