New to Puzzle Quest 3

Hi everyone,

I have been playing Gems of War for years on Playstation and I have just downloaded PQ3 so hoping someone can give me some tips? I’m at the point now where it is asking me to pick a class.

Suggestions please and any other help you can give me is much appreciated.

You can easily change class so picking your first is not a limiting choice. Also, all classes are playable and can be used to beat top level content, although some are better than others.

Berserker and necromancer are quite straightforward classes focusing on skull damage. If you prefer playing defensively you have the paladin, but it can be lacking in Kingdom defense, where you have to do as much damage as possible in a limited amount of turns. Warlock can be an amazing class for general content once you get tentacle slap spell, but again it is not really good in Kingdom defense. Mercenary can be quite helpful at the beginning since it gives extra gold and is one of the best classes for Kingdom defense. Personally I love assassin and their Night blade spell, but with time I have seen that it gets outshined by more skull oriented classes.

If I had to start the game again I would probably choose mercenary, but I believe it is always good to try different classes and experiment with them to see which one plays best for you.


Thank you @HigureTheStillWind I really appreciate the reply :smile:

Also, you will need to play the other classes anyway to get the extra follower crystals that are needed to level up the followers. So just go trough the story with the class you think you will like, and once story is done you can create a new class (or even before completing story) and go trough the story with it again, to get the extra gems and follower crystals again. Also when you get stuck at some point in story you can just create another class and get the extra shards to level up gear for the character you are stuck with.


Thanks @jb206 that’s good to know

Firey berserker or dark warlock for the win :raised_hands:. It is possible that i might be slightly biased :grin: