Questions Regarding Gear

I’ve been playing PQ3 for a few days now, maybe a week. Granted I’m playing at a leisurely pace, but I’m really enjoying the game!
However, I have a few inquiries regarding gear:

  • Are certain gear sets better for certain classes? AKA Guard for Paladin or something
  • What does the community consider the “best set” to be right now?

Would love to see some insight!
Yes, I am new to the puzzle quest line of games as well. Happy to be here :slight_smile:

I personally like the royal set for the extra help in mana

some thoughts on that and other things here for new players:

Noted! Thank you :slight_smile:
I appreciate your input.

Ooooh! This is a wonderful post! Thank you for linking it and bringing it to my attention :slight_smile: Appreciate it!