I quit - my perspective on Puzzle Quest 3

So I’ve been playing since season 1.1 I think. May 2022 possibly.
I’ve played the previous Puzzle Quest games so I was thrilled to try out the 3rd part.
Saw Steam reviews being negative cause of VIP, the shop and lots of opportunities to buy things. I chose to see the good sides. In order to work on a game all the time it has to bring in money all the time. My main game is Hearthstone so I know.

I knew you needed a high performing guild just like in Gems of War so I joined Throne of Odin Epic ( lowest guild they had) and got a good start.

Started with a Berserker (Ragehunter) that hit a wall at the hands (or fangs) of the boss of chapter 2.
Started a Necromancer (Hel) which I really liked and finished the game with. The possibility of going either skulls or spells is really good! Kingdom Defense ( low lvl) was good. Things were looking well! I create new chars on other classes for the weekly quest as well.

I notice that doing everything you “should” every day is becoming a burden….

Since I now were the top dragon slayer I figure it was time to move up guilds so I get the best rewards from KD. Throne of Odin 2nd guild it was (I don’t remember the name :pleading_face:).
I go into KD lvl 100 and wonder how it’ll go. BAM 1-hit and I’m dead….
Hmm we try again! Match some gems and skulls….dragons turn SMACK :skull:

Now I ask the guild and they say my gear (almost all legendary and a few epics) absolutely cannot handle KD lvl 100….ok….

Tournaments go decent. I get few gems but honor goes well….

After chatting with the heavy hitters (Pyrdacor and another guy) who have (I think) only mythic gear I create a Paladin (Lightbringer - I named her before season 1.4) which becomes the character to get mythic stuff and thus my new main char.

Buy some crowns so I can get mythics. Time to get serious!
Weapon, gloves, boots and a ring. Time for action. Dragon goes DOWN!
Now I can conquer everything except ultimate difficulty on adventures and lvl 85+ in dungeons.

It’s also now that I really feel the weight of the daily “musts”….

List item
9 in seasons

  • List item
    6 fights in daily dungeon

  • List item
    11, 22 or 33(!) PvP fights a DAY!

  • List item

  • List item
    Season story with main char and/or main story with new chars.

  • List item
    Event 2 fights to the left and 4 (or 7) to the right.

While I quit just as the new PvP changes came online it’s not relevant. It was rather another nail in the coffin.

I want to dedicate more time to Hearthstone and Age of Sigmar and thus Puzzle Quest 3 has to go. When it feels like a second job it’s too much. I also quit Gems of War and Clash of Clans.
Life should be spent doing what you enjoy.

Atleast now you won’t see LightBringer at #1 in the Yellow tourneys :stuck_out_tongue:

If you ever come to Hearthstone I’m Jerry #11177 there.


Rest assured you wont be the last one leaving the game behind, Jerry.

Even if we havent been in touch that much you for sure are a great loss to the game and for your kingdom as well. But I 100% feel you when it comes to hard work instead of enjoyable gaming.

This is one of all the lacks they are still denying in silence the game “offers” for everyone daring to try it. When I started in April '21 I was hyped like hell for finally being able to enjoy the 3rd Puzzle Quest. But now the only thing I am hyped about is the lore. Everything else doesn’t really matter because everything else hasnt been worked out properly beforehand. Thats an undenyable fact, at least impo.

Beside, if everyone is wondering why I am still sticking with the game despite all my every-day-complaning … because I really love the game but not what it has become till today. Thats my reason to fight for what I love.

I wish you all the best, Jerry, stay safe, stay sound and be happy with what you are doing - thats the most important thing :blush: And maybe … maybe one day, we will meet again.


Just stumbled across this post whilst searching for something else, I have to say. I’m starting to feel the same…but the pain is x2, since I play on both PS5 and mobile. As the devs haven’t included PS5 in cross play (for whatever reason, which I’m sure is perfectly valid), my pain is double :weary:. I think I’ll get the platinum on PS5 and ‘maybe’ just stick with mobile instead. But overall, I strongly agree with your perspective, Jerry.

He’s wrong on alot of things tbh. Its not necessary to spend money on the game, and if you do spend money, its easy enough to do so in moderation. Every class is more than capable and you can certainly do well with Necromancer and Berserker in Kingdom Defense. The most important thing in the game tbh is to try and do all the game modes and be in a good alliance. Between tourneys and alliance rewards thats pretty much going to handle expenses of getting all your gear to level 50. As far as tourneys go, its probably the most fair its ever been since I started playing.

What I will agree with him on is that doing the dailies can be a bit of a chore, its alot at times and its easy to ignore/not have time for other games because you’re stuck doing everything you need to do. But this is something that you quite honestly see with alot of games now a days and not necessarily unique to Puzzle Quest 3.

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