Thoughts on hero classes?

I’m really enjoying Necromancer as my main for now, but I also like that having enough hero slots to try all 5 classes only costs 200 gems.

I think hero slots might be the only permanent gem purchase in the game right now.

What’s everyone else’s favourite? I’ve dabbled in a few of the other classes, but which one should I give a serious go?

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The Necromancer is my favourite as well, but I also particularly like the Paladin class.

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I went with necromancer too!

I went with Berserker. Not bad. Will try out others, at some point.

Oh, you two.

I also started with the necromancer. I chose this class to pick a class I would normally would not play. To my surprise, it plays much like the Blood Mage from the Switch PQ remake. Loving it. Skull/Doomskull lovers rejoice.

Went to the Shaman next. Plays quite different, with requiring generation and management of poison stacks. Glass cannon, but when the class is firing on all cylinders, it is a sight to behold.

Moved over the Paladin after that, as that would have been the class I would have normally played first. Very interesting mechanic in play with the Paladin with generating Shield gems and then trying to NOT match them off the game board.

Most impressed that each of the classes I have tried so far have had very different playing styles.

Paladin for me! Though I’ve started a Shaman as well lately.

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I quite enjoy the Paladin and Berserker. Explosions from Rage gems are always fun as well as the protection from Shield gems. Necromancer’s skulls on demand has been very useful to get those stun rows XD

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