Which Class are you going to play first?

Hey all,

Which Hero have you decided to play first and why?

I went with Berserker first, then switched to Necromancer.
I liked the art for the female minotaur Berserker the most and I usually play warrior/tanks so Berserker seemed good to me!

I have to say I feel like playing on Necromancer has gone more smoothly for me though, I seem to have nailed down my elemental vs skull damage build more smoothly on there.

Once I’m done gearing up my Necromancer I’m going to go Shaman next for something a bit different.


Unlike many other games where you may pick one character and focus solely on them, here you will benefit from playing all 5 classes as there are things they each unlock on their own playthroughs that help your overall account.

So if you feel like battles are getting a bit too tough on your first character don’t be afraid to start a second or third character to try the other classes and level them up for a while.


I played early in Android Beta and then stepped away from the game for an extended period waiting for the official release. I am really excited to be starting over with a new account this week! (I know the game has improved a ton since the start of beta.)

During the beta I played Assassin and Berserker (solely because they were at the top of the alphabetical list of classes).

For the official release, I am sure I will play every class in the coming months, but I am going to start at the end of the alphabet this time and play Shaman :smiley:

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