Initial impressions, character selection feedback

First big suggestion, may not be reasonable: Split the appearance/race/armors from the class/abilities. I will admit straight out I loved the minotaur warrior look but wanted to play as other classes. Some of the human or human like classes are a bit bland/boring, and there is only a single class and gender if people want to represent black skinned color race. If you split this into selecting any of the appearance and then selecting a class layout for skills, this screen would feel a lot better and players like me would be more motivated to select who they like to be instead of feeling limited to what you have currently.

If these can be changed out later, perhaps making that very clear from the start of character creation would help alleviate the stress of having to weigh cool appearance and play style.

Suggestion 2: I tried starting the game and didn’t make it through the tutorial due to something coming up in real life, so I locked my phone to run an errand before finishing character creation. When I got back to the game, it started all over on the first intro again.

It would be a lot better if the game could keep track of the “guest account progress” through each battle so we can come back to the intro without having to replay it from scratch. I realize now it is a bit shorter then I expected, but had I not been eager to play due to previous games I would have uninstalled once it had started over again. To the user, it looks like the game won’t save your progress if you bail like this on the tutorial matches. It does not help that there are 2 matches to win before even getting into character creation. I don’t see why this part would have to be online and connected to an account to be honest, just save the tutorial data locally and swap to online once character creation is finished.