Character choices' designs

Hey there, so…long time Puzzle Quest fan here, my first experience being the original game on Xbox 360. That title was extra fun because it supported custom soundtrack playing in the background! Great times

Anyway, really the only thing bothering me about this game so far is that the character desogn choices are all…ugly haha. I don’t know how else better to say it - all of the NPCs are actually pretty cool looking or seem like characters I would want to play, but the PC choices aren’t all that appealing. The female paladin is what I went with since she’s mostly the only thing that seemed close to a standard fantasy character (my taste), fitting in well with the NPCs too.

I think the designs work diversity in well and that’s cool to see, but I also didn’t feel like any of them looked cool/like something I would play, except again the default paladin female. All like 10 of the NPCs I’ve seen though, including of course Eveline? Absolutely!

That’s pretty much all for now. The game is pretty neat otherwise. I’d be interested to see what the usage data was on the different characters.

What do you think of the female necromancer? I think she is quite pretty and standard fantasy looking??

We wanted to have a mix of character types so players could have a wider variety of avatars to choose from.

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Just started trying out the game and the character choices with respect to appearance are very limited. Part of this is because they are linked to class - if you want to play as a necromancer, you only get two choices. You can’t be an orc or a dwarf or an elf, and you can’t even customise the two choices you do get with different hairstyles or clothes. I wouldn’t expect Black Desert Online levels of customisation, but a few more options to personalise your character would be nice.