Character / Creature Design Decisions

After a short search I found an archived topic called Character choices’ design but don’t want to revive such an old relic from '21.

Therefore I started over here and got a question:

Not sure but this looks like a design for a female assassin as well. Out of curiosity: what was your final point for the layout we knew since start playing?

Sorry, I’m not sure what you are asking. Are you asking why we chose the current Necromancer design over this one?

Yes. Just wanted to know if it is about personal likes or maybe an easier adaption for new skins or something else …

So this was an old design for the female Assassin!
Here are some points the team mentioned when I asked:

  • We removed the hood because you could not see her face
  • Felt it looked sci-fi rather than fantasy, as well as this design looked more like active/gym wear and not so much like armour.
  • Wanted to bring the colours in line with the design for the male assassin

Hope that answers your query!

For sure, thank you. I am always curious about design decisions when there are some to pick from. Very interesting to know what the team has thought about this first outcome.

Additionally thank you for the correction, I just changed the class in my first post.