Strategy, spells, gear

Tips for necromancer? Go for that 6x bone set or just focus on as many different set bonuses as possible?

Shamans, are they viable, do you use their ulti and what spell combo do you roll with?

Paladins or Assassin’s, which creed is the better?

Berserker and Paladins seems to be at the top of the score board mostly, is it because of their spell combos?

How do you get that wonderful 0 turn build? What gear do you need and what spells do you need?

Is it possible to get over VII gems these days and how?

Everything and more on this thread on what spells you use and what gear you have.

I’ll start, I built a fantastic build for my necro, that I figured would give me a big boost in getting through the story, but alas, the spells needed for skulls and more skulls didn’t get enough mana. So blue I went, but kept the gear. Works fine, but far from great. Thought it would be better.

Got the set bonuses I want to combine, and that I could get while also having 6x bone.

Leveled a bone sickle to epic 35, with berserkers ultimate I am able to get 15-20k dmg in one move at lvl 40, and it’s not alot of skulls either. Really helped me get forward in the story, however it’s not alot of defense, so will probably hit a brickwall soon.

Could been better if it was red, but works fine so far and I can use it for necromancer and blue shaman too!

Right now, necromancer is the weakest of the five classes. Speaking as someone who originally started as a necromancer, the core issue is that the necromancer is the only class where the Ultimate does not have synergy with basic class functions. The problem is that the necromancer wants blue mana, but the Ultimate generates skulls instead. To compensate somewhat, the necromancer’s skull generating skills cost less than other classes’ core skills. However, as the Ultimate generates no mana for the necromancer, a pure skull build necro will wind up needing to find blue mana on the board to recover. If there are no blue matches on the board naturally… RIP necro. That leads the player to have to consume 1-2 spell slots on blue generation/conversion spells just to feed the skull generation spells, which slows down the necromancer.

Even after all that, skulls are physical attacks. That means that the skull build necro has to focus on melee gear Attributes, such as Strong, Aim, and Cleave to counter the fact that opponents often will Block melee damage. It’s a problem unique to necros, as currently most opponents in the game do not have any meaningful spell or elemental resistances outside of being strong/weak to one specific mana color.

The answers to the rest of your questions are likely to be transitory at best, as there should be a massive rebalancing of pretty much everything with the next update in 3 weeks.

But, in the current state of the game in beta,

Yes, but they need a lot more work than other classes to get rolling, which tends to make them a low priority for many players. Especially so, given how broken some of the other classes are right now. Shaman Ultimate is critical to the class, as the Shaman is a “build-up” playstyle. The more Ultimate casts the Shaman invokes over a given run, the more powerful that Shaman will become for that run.

Paladins. Even after a couple of nerfs, Barrier is still exceedingly overpowered. Paladins can relatively easily keep Barrier up with near 100% uptime, resulting in general invincibility.

Paladin - see line above
Beserker - High level red generation/conversion spells + high level Firewalker’s gear = super easy to keep the board Red all the time and keep opponents in stun locks.

Nerfbats extremely likely to be swung on these in the next update.

High rarity Dragonguard gear + set bonuses and a lot of Citadel points invested in Starting Mana.

Almost certain to be nerfed in the coming update.

V is the cap, unless some effect allows the cap to be extended (such as the Bone III set bonus you mentioned in your post).

Depends on your play style for necro. If you are “all in” on a skull build, then go for it. If you are thinking about any sort of hybrid build or pure caster (blue) build, then that’s probably too many gear slots to invest for a single bonus. The difference between a V skull gem and a VIII skull gem is not that significant.

I started out as necro too for the life steal but after finding vampiric touch, I tried playing assassin and it ended up becoming my main. I found it relatively easy to chain stuns if I use the stun spell strategically and also trying to match 7 in a row.

My favorite build now:

image 368x197
image 366x266

Easy to get boards filled with purple gems:

Turn 2 and after spells:

Turn 3 and after spells:

Yep, my original char was necro, and while I easily reached level 50, I wasn’t able to finish Portal of Blood, as I’m one-shot most of the time. As cited above, I switched to paladin, finished PoB easily, and can beat level 75 content regularly.

Playing necro wasn’t easy and now after nerfing its healing spell, he became unplayable.
I was able to cast the spells frequently but getting whole row of violet stones to stun opponent is more a gamble than a strategy and I often die unable to get whole row even when 90% of board is filled with violet .

I think I went the wrong path with shadow gear and 4 dark spells. As strongest dmg spell grim scythe was nerfed and istead making twice that dmg for opponents < 50%HP it now adds 60% to dmg for opponents without armor. It’s impossible to crack that armor using wand, tome or sphere - overall with missile weapons.

I’ve seen that there are 2-3 more spells for necro but I didn’t get them thus being beaten all the time isn’t attractive.

I switched to shaman today, gon see if it’s more plausible to play although got no idea how juju gems work at this moment :sweat_smile: