Share your best Loadouts

Hey everyone,

I thought it might be nice to share the loadouts that work for us all the best here.
Maybe share some tips as to why they work so that new players or people looking to improve their Loadouts can get ideas.

Here’s the loadout I use for my Necromancer, I use the same loadout everywhere except restricted PVP and it’s done preyy well for me so far. I think it has a nice mix of elemental damage and skull damage.

It doesn’t matter if you find these items as common first, as you can evolve them later.
My main Goal with this Gear was to have 3 set bonuses active.

I would like to eventually regear so that I get more blue/purple Gear to boost my Necromancer’s elemental masteries, but that’s a problem for future me.

I’m not completely happy with my Spells, but they’ve done well for me so far.