Mythic Paladin or Necromancer?

I got a blue Necromancer and a Yellow Paladin with nearly full legendary equipment.

I can get a Mythic weapon by exchanging relics and thus I need to decide which character to become my main (in all areas of the game) but especially KD as I want consistent gold rewards.

I’ve been thinking for a month now, weighting alternatives….
(Healing spell/hp/armor/resistance) or not….Necromancer can heal but not regain armor and resistance (though I have bone amulet that regains resistance when matching skulls……)

I don’t know which one to pick….nor do I know if I should keep Royal 2….

Necro gets good mileage with ice armor and frostfire fist spells for armor and savior pants for resistance. All classes can use the OP fallen shoulders too.

Paladins have exceptional board control and a divine steed.

In the end paladin is the easier and safer class, but often slower.