Paladin Spells that create skulls

My wife chose a Paladin for her main character and, so far, she is enjoying the game. However, we wondered if the Paladin had any spells that creates skulls on the board? I have a necromancies, luck more than judgement, and they have a number of spells that create or use skulls to enhance damage. Get the right combo and you are onto a winner. My wife is a little envious so would like some skull spells. Any advice? Thanks.emphasized text

Paladin is just not that class. It’s a strong class but it is more about spell damage, board control and defense.

My advice to her if she likes the idea of skulls, and doesn’t want to do necromancer, try berserker.

I started with a necromancer, but rarely use her anymore. I mainly use either my paladin or my berserker. If I’m worried about surviving I use my paladin. Otherwise I smash with my zerk. I believe mercenary has some decent skull builds too (not sure though.)

Paladin is basically the everything but skulls class.

If she can add an esgaad bandolier and/or runic I set bonus to her Paladin it will help greatly with skulls. IIRC at legendary the bandolier converts one - three red gems to skulls when you cast a spell. (Don’t equip the yellow spell that converts red gems to yellow) Then the runic I set bonus has a 65% chance to create two skulls when you cast a spell (at legendary). I use both of these in my kingdom defence build so I can kill the dragon before it fills it’s 3rd spell.

Thanks for the advice guys, Legendary is a long way off but I’ll let her know about the esgaard bandolier.
If I created another character can I transfer gear to it? But not spells I’m guessing as these seem specific to the type of character. Shame this forum page can’t be saved as a bookmark or favourite, it’s a pain to get to.

All characters can share gear and class non-specific spells. You really should play every class through the story to collect the rewards and open up the follower quests.

You should be able to bookmark the forum.

and now I’m on my computer the Runic I bonus is “There is a 25/35/45/55/65/75% chance to create 2 Skulls when casting a regular spell”. that is 25% at common, 35% at uncommon, 45% at Rare etc so even at rare gear 45% isn’t that bad.

Also don’t forget the holy avenger spell for paladin. That can do some massive damage.

We discovered that the Holy avenger spell can be acquired from the third dungeon. Will see if that is true. Thanks for the help.

Not a spell, but another possibility to consider is that an Esgaard Flail can create skulls passively when matching gems of its elemental color. Works well with the Runic I bonus mentioned above.

That said, the flail comes out of a dungeon later in the story so it might be difficult to obtain one early on in the story through a random chest.

Awesome, thanks. We are writing all these tips down :slightly_smiling_face:

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I also prefer the Paladin up to now. Didn’t reach endgame yet but overall a nice class to survive and come back back with boardcontrol late game.

But one question: The Dwarfen Hammer drops only in the Dungeon when i am finally Level 50, correct? I am farming like hell the Clockwork Dungeon but never saw a weapon droping.

Greetings, i like this game!


The Dwarven hammer should drop in Clockwork halls no matter your level. It is just that sometimes RNG likes to play with us… I hope you get it soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, weapons can drop out of any dungeon chest, but they are more likely to drop out of ruby and diamond chests.