Please recommend Paladin equipment and spells

Hello everyone, I am a Taiwanese player. I have been playing for a while. I can’t find a discussion forum in Taiwan that I can refer to, so I come here to ask for help. Please tell me how to become stronger. Are my equipment and spells correct? Please give me your opinion. Thank you.

Just looking at it I can see that you are much more advanced than me, but I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that you can develop specific equipment for different tasks using also gear from archived seasons. Of course for PVP you will have at least 3 at any given time and for the defense of the kingdom another and so even for different opponents in a season you can make changes in spells and gear. Therefore, the “strongest” is the one you need at a given moment

Because PVP is often instantly killed, and some players in the discussion forum said that they can automatically reach level 90 in dungeons, but sometimes they fail when I automatically reach level 60, so I would like to ask what equipment needs to be changed, and I don’t want to equip it. I regretted upgrading the wrong equipment after reaching level 50. Also, what points do Paladins recommend for the castle? Thank you.

I’d be keen to know as well. I’ve a level 50 Paladin, with all L50 gear - full set of Guards gear, all Yellow spells to make the most of light. When fighting KD Dragons I can usually get between 500K and 2Mill damage, though often in the round of 3 I will be killed with less than 200K damage. can’t work it out.

This is actually a very difficult question to answer. My original main hero was the paladin and I still actually use it for Kingdom defence. Over the time I played with the paladin I probably changed about half of the gear from what I originally used to what I use today as I evolved. What I use today would not work for someone with less citadel levels, worse attributes on the gear and lower level gear. I’m not going to post the build I use here because I’m actually not that happy with it. I changed an item because of much better attributes but lost a set bonus because of that so it needs fixing. But:

One problem I see with the build posted above is there is no skull generation. I would add one of / all of:

  1. Runic I set bonus which gives: There is a 25/35/45/55/65/75% chance to create 2 Skulls when casting a regular spell.
  2. Esgaard Bandolier: Convert 1 | 1-2 | 1-3 | 2-3 red gems to skulls when casting a spell.
  3. Something else to generate some skulls.

The Khazdhuli Helm can help you survive longer as you start the battle with a barrier. I personally don’t use it but some find it very useful.

Royal II set bonus is great as it gives you big gems at the start to help get your spells filled.

You are also missing anything that will increase you’re critical hit chance percentage to make the most of the skulls on the board. Many people use the guard gloves or the corrupted I set bonus to achieve this.

To help survive many people use the Guard’s Pauldron or Fallen Shoulderguards. Also the Guard I set bonus. I find that if I can survive the first three turns the bonuses from my gear mean the dragon can only kill me with its ultimate spell. (I think that mainly comes from the royal armor)

There are many ways to create a build that works for you. Some things work better than others but I have seen it many times when 2 people share their ultimate build for the same hero and yet half of their gear is different! It’s not possible to fit all the best gear and best set bonuses in to one build. Choices have to be made.

N.B. You can also make a pretty good Warlock build with your yellow gear. Include Pestilant Imps and Tentacle Slap as 2 of your spells. Not suitable for Kingdom Defense as the dragon is immune to both of those spells but great for general content.

Thank you for your valuable suggestions, I will refer to them

good answer.
is it better to sacrifice the 4/5/6 set bonuses then to put in none set gear that has specific effects like the skull generation?