Do the devs expect us to be in full mythic gear maxed out this early in the game?

Seems like dungeons are now impossible to solo at level 29 without getting killed in 3 hits and have to fight 6 enemies with the breaks in between offering a measly 76 HP or 54 armor serious balance issues.

Current state of game does not rely on gear score but your spells. You can beat a lvl 100 dungeon or skirmish with a 500 or 600 gear score. You need to use spells that work together and current best method is using four same color spells

Keep in mind that the strategy currently is to look for boards where you can both survive a turn (either with a Stun from Dwarven Hammer, a Barrier from Dwarven Necklace, or a simple horizontal 7-match) and fill up your spells. Then, you use your spells (which would mainly be focused on gem creation and secondarily on dealing damage) to put enough gems on the board that you can stun again.

If you can’t survive the first turn, you die and have to restart. Even if you can survive, you might still whiff on the pattern of gems created and lose your turn.

Paladin has a significant advantage here since its ultimate allows you to create a Barrier to soak up an extra hit. For reference, my spell loadout for my Paladin includes two copies of Smite and two copies of Channel Light, allowing me to deal damage while creating large amounts of gems on the board.

Pro tip: When casting damage spells, look to ensure that the enemy dies from the elemental damage dealt when matching gems, rather than the spell itself. This ensures that you go into the next fight with full mana.