Daily Challenges Hard levels need small level reduction after V1 changes

I don’t mind a good challenge but this hard dungeon is too much. Highest hero is level 42.

Admittedly my gear score could be a little higher but most gear is maxed and needs evolving to take higher.

I managed to survive up to the first mini dungeon boss through lots of luck and many tries. After surviving 1 normal hit from the mini boss (just) and next stunning the mini boss the next turn it had a stun barrier. By this point it had filled it’s mana from my matching yellow gems.

So I’m dead. Barrier was not enough to survive the hit.

If this was the final boss, not so bad, maybe my gear score could be a little higher. But it’s the mini boss. I feel have no chance at the final boss as i don’t even think I could get there.

It’s a little disappointing to have a tier 3 relic in the daily challenge I can’t get. Maybe a hard dungon could be level 60 for someone like me? I may spend 50 gems to continue on the last boss but not the mini boss.

I had a similar experience with a L80 challenge dungeon. I got all the way to the last boss, but when he has abilities that hit for 38k, and Barrier is now only 50% if up, that was a one shot kill.

It feels like we’ve been made a lot more vulnerable to cheap shots as a result of the changes in this update.

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I tried it a whole stack more times today. I could never get further than the first mini boss but by far most of the time I couldn’t make it past the first boss. I got my gear score to 1527. I tried different spells but to no avail. Never even got close to defeating the mini boss. I do acknowledge that with legendary or different gear and spells I may be able to do this level…

It’s just that I need the relic offered to make legendary gear :crazy_face:

And now today I get to miss out on an Adhakus crystal in a level 80 dungeon. After all the gear rebalancing is that L80 dungeon even possible with a level 42 hero?

The short answer is probably no. After the update, Gear Scores are definitely more meaningful, and something with a Gear Score that measures as Hard, or in this case Very Hard (I assume) is likely out of reach

Another day another ridiculously impossible daily dungeon reward. My highest level hero is now 44. To get my gear score higher I would have to evolve gear/spells, but even if I did evolve a few items from rare to epic I doubt it would make that much difference. Once again I miss out on the rarely available “special” reward in the daily challenge.