[REPORTED] Hard (Level 50) Dungeon is actually Level 35+ and gives Level 35+ Chest Reward

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Hard Dungeons Level and Chest Reward should be level 50. Instead, Hard Dungeon Level and Chest Reward is either 1) Minimum Level 35, or 2) where the normal level of the Dungeon is less than 50 but more than 35, the Level is the level of the normal Dungeon.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since 0.36

Steps to make it happen again
Run Hard Level Dungeon, look at level of enemies. Complete Dungeon for Loot reward, look at level of chest.


Still a thing, no response yet on this one either.

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Same happening to me

Oh look, here’s a bug in a bug report. Hopefully this one warrants investigation.


Hey I’ve tested this on the next game version, 0.37 and couldn’t reproduce the issue in either the challenge dungeons or in a quick/custom dungeon. The enemy levels work up to the level the dungeon is and the chests rewarded match the dungeon level as well.

The rarity of the chests is separate from the level but I don’t believe that’s what you’re referring to at all here?

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I’ll elaborate. For starters, this is all done and in reference to Custom Dungeon selection, not Challenges (EDIT: just verified that this is the way it is working in Custom Skirmish selection as well). Unless something has changed, other than Chapter 15, there is a Level difference between Normal (progressively increasing level over each chapter) vs. Hard (constant 50+ regardless of Chapter/Dungeon chosen).

For instance, here are my options for Ruins of Lunarion (Dungeon 13):

So, Normal is Level 41 with an Enemy Score of 1,683 and Hard is Level 50 with an Enemy Score of 2,210. However, when you launch a Hard Battle this is the first enemy you encounter:

Notice the enemy level?

Once the “Hard” Dungeon is complete, what rewards do I get? It’s possible that I’m getting less Gold and XP than I should but it’s clear that I’m not getting a Level 50 (“Hard”) Chest:

Here’s an example of Dungeon 1 “Hard” mode:

Should be consistent Enemy Scores for all Hard Modes (except Chapter 15 it seems) and should be consistent enemy levels.


And here’s my Chest reward:

Dungeon 1 “Normal” mode is not Level 35; it’s the lowest dungeon level range (Level 5 I believe).

For referencing purposes, this is the “Hard” mode first enemy from Dungeon 15, Portal of Blood:

Here is the chest received:

I don’t know how to be more clear. If you are not seeing this in 0.37 version which I don’t have the benefit of, perhaps it’s already been addressed.

EDIT: I confirmed that the “Hard” modes at the lower levels as depicted above also give XP and gold equivalent to the “Normal” levels the dungeon is spawning at.

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Same issue here.

Hey again!

Those screenshots are super helpful.

Think we just had a misunderstanding as to what was occurring.

I’ve shared this with the team. We are currently looking at getting an interim fix for this out at some point and then reassessing how difficulty works in the future.

Hoping for an “interim fix” sooner rather than later.

I’m seeing the same thing (as is everyone I suspect). Stinks doing hard mode and getting significantly lower level chests than what you’re targeting.

*Edit - Just wanted to clarify something. It’s not just for Level 50 Hard. I have a character at Level 45. When I do Hard battles for him, I get Level 32 Chests.

Hey everyone!

Have a quick update for you on this issue from the Dev Team. On this specific screen here:

The level is being incorrectly displayed, but the enemy level inside the battles and rewarded chest levels are correct. This visual issue has been reported to the team to be corrected.

However, the team plan to review the Dungeons and difficulty levels again in the future because there’s not always a large difference between “Normal” and “Hard” difficulties.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Thanks for the update. I figured that was the issue. All dungeons have different normal and hard levels.

It’s nice to have some feedback from the dev team for a change! :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying to understand what you’re saying here. In the past, if I remember correctly, for a character at level 50, all hard levels were against Enemy Level 50 (then the Difficulty I, II, III, etc. went up 5 levels each). That is what your screenshot is also showing. It appears to be correctly showing that the Hard level is supposed to include Enemies at level 50. Are you saying that you have now changed “Hard” so that it is no longer equal to the character level? If that is not what you’re saying, then the issue is more than just a visual issue and the wrong level enemies are being assigned to the hard levels.

Thanks for the update.
Wondering though, game design wise (especially if it was the case before in 0.35-) this does sound like a bug not in the display, but in the dungeon level :smiley:

Here are the two possibilities:

  • The player can either choose to do the dungeon at <dungeon level> on Normal, or the same <dungeon level> on Hard, regardless of player level - making the dungeon difficulty redundant in both options (player has one option, and old dungeons are outlevelled eventually);
  • The player can either choose to do the dungeon at <dungeon level> on Normal, or <player level> on Hard. This means you can either play a challenging dungeon for higher rewards and scaling to your current level, or play a lower difficulty (ex: if you are having trouble on Hard) if you want to farm.
    Giving the player two options instead of one, one of them actually bringing a challenge for all dungeons regardless of level.

Speaking for myself, I’m not lvl 50 (25 atm) and I tried to farm Savior gear earlier, but I now overlevel the dungeon so much that even Hard is not a challenge at all and the chests are quite underlevelled - but I have no other options to make the loot better nor the rewards worthwhile.

  • Without Hard at player level, we only get level appropriate options for lvl 50 players.

Could you please revisit with the team if it is indeed how it’s meant to be? :slight_smile: Maybe there was some confusion - or maybe it was a fortunate display bug!

Yes for those still levelling up there is a bit of a no man’s land between the story mode difficulty, player level difficulty and then the next option is L50. For most people on a first playthrough, who don’t have the gear, spells and shards of other characters to help boost them, even fighting dungeons or skirmishes at player level can be too much.

I found that to be the case on 0.35, and I think the changes in 0.36 have only made it harder for new players with the emphasis or expectation that they need higher rarity and levelled gear to fight at their player level.

I put forward one option for this in a suggestion, which would aim to bridge the gap - allow the player to play harder versions of a dungeon in 5 level increments between story mode and L50, much like Difficulty I-X provides for L50 players looking for greater challenges.

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I agree, that would be even better :+1: