[Not a bug] Dungeon chest level

Dungeon chest level incorrect after completing hard mode for non level 50 char.
My level 17 hero finished level 21 hard dungeon but only got level 17 chest, where I should have gotten level 21 chest. If It was done with dungeon ticket. This bug seems to be in all dungeons after the season patch.

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Hey @Zzhu321

The chest level is based on your Hero level in that battle (not your highest levelled Hero) or the battle level, whichever is lower.

In this case, your Hero level was 17, below the Dungeon level of 21 so you received a level 17 chest. This does not apply to Loot tickets.

But no changes have been made to this recently, at least not since we exited early access.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

That also does not make sense then, since skirmish chest level is based on battle level and not character level.
Shown in hard skirmish battle victory screenshot below. As this equate with skirmish loot ticket, why is dungeon chest level working with different set of rules?