[REPORTED] Dungeon Loot Ticket does NOT give Dungeon Chest as its reward

Platform, device and operation system
Android, Realme 7, Android 10

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Dungeon Loot Ticket text says that the player should immediately receive the Full Empowered Rewards from any Dungeon battle.
I can confirm that we receive 4 slots of dungeon marks.
But the problem is the chest obtained by using Dungeon Loot Ticket is just regular chest.
When you store it and try to open it using minions, there is NO dungeon symbol or Dungeon name written on the chest.
I don’t know whether it’s just the appearance/cosmetic issue or it’s indeed dropping regular chest, instead of Dungeon chest (which has extra chance to contain specific gears/spells.
Hopefully the devs can fix this issue asap.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Consistently when using Dungeon Loot Tickets

Steps to make it happen again
Use Dungeon Loot Tickets and check the chests obtained in Tavern tab.


I just updated the game to 0.34 and this bug is still not fixed yet.
When I loot dungeon using the Dungeon Loot Ticket, the chest dropped by it is regular chest, NOT Dungeon specific chest.
There is no dungeon name or dungeon logo on the chest.

I was able to confirm this bug for myself. I recommend saving the Dungeon Loot Tickets until the issue is resolved.

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Just upgraded my Locksmith today and yes, Dungeon Loot Ticket still not working properly.

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I’ve passed this on, thanks team.


Just retested and can confirm this issue is still not yet resolved.

This is on our radar, but we don’t have a fix for it yet.

Issue still exists, confirmed for v0.34.

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I would like to add that this not only concerns the dungeon loot tickets but also the party / co-op gameplay which drops normal chests from dungeon runs.


And this makes it pointless to run party dungeons. Better to just run the skirmishes

Its still bugged?

This was fixed a while back, perhaps with 0.35 but I can’t recall exactly when. Working correctly now.