Dungeon and skirmish difficulty suggestion

Allow the player to select the level of a Skirmish or Dungeon in increments between Story Mode difficulty and L50.


Below L50 Skirmishes and Dungeons can be played at either Story Mode fixed level (named Easy in 0.35 or Normal in 0.36) or at a level that scales with your level (Normal in 0.35 or Hard in 0.36). Above L50 we have Difficulty I - X each adding +5 levels up to max 100.

My first playthrough was on 0.35 and the guidance from chat in game was to pretty much ignore Normal mode as too tough, until you reached L50 and could start farming for better gear. The gap between what the game thought you should be able to do at your level and your actual gear was too great.

That was before the 0.36 update, which I think many would agree has widened this gap and pushed their individual progress backwards, to fighting lower level dungeons than before.

If I want to focus on say a piece of Saviors gear, I go to Dragonrest Temple and my options are Normal L12, Hard L50. If I felt confident beating a Dungeon at say L35, I’m overpowered for Normal, but too weak for Hard.

What I would like to see is the 5 level increments of Difficulty I-X extend below L50.

  • The easiest option would be the story mode level.
  • The next difficulty would be on the next level ending 5 or 0 (eg. 30/35/40/45)
  • There could be a minimum gap of 5 levels to the first new difficulty, rounding up. So if the normal dungeon level is 12, skip 15 and go to 20 for the first new option.

This isn’t to make the game any easier - they still have to beat the game at the original intended difficulty. But if they want to come back and grind for XP or better gear, they can do so more effectively by adjusting the battle difficulty up to a higher level they feel they are able to beat.


Agree. I’ve kinda wondered why this isn’t already a thing by now.