Just downloaded the game

I haven’t started it yet but I will in a couple of hours. Any tips for a brand new player?

Do the storyline with Paladin.


Quoted, for truth! The only advice needed :laughing:

I already chose necromancer. Is it too late to switch?

You have 5 character slots, so it’s not too late!

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I found it. Thanks. (20char)

Where might one acquire one (or more) of these?

Hi Vangor,

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A bit LTTP, but I would agree with the above posters that as of right now (highly subject to change with a future balancing update that will come someday) the Paladin is the easiest class to run for the first playthrough of the game. Hang onto the Necromancer, as you’ll want to go back to that character later to play through the story again for additional rewards. As gear carries over from one character to the next, this makes subsequent playthroughs easier with more difficult classes, such as the Necromancer.

Two sources for those:

  1. One can show up in a Daily Deal in the Shop tab. At low account levels, they show up more frequently on the deal board than they do at higher account levels because there are less items in the pool for the daily deal to choose from.

Note: Only one of a specific type ascension item (such as an Uncommon Scroll) can show up on the Daily Deal board at a time.

Note 2: The Daily Deal board can be refreshed for gems to fish for these. However, the last update discourages this tactic by increasing the cost of the refresh with every board recycle (the cost resets at the start of each new game day). It is generally not recommended to recycle the board more than once (or twice at the absolute max) per day to fish for these.

  1. They can drop from Gold (6 hours), Ruby (12 hours), and Diamond (24 hours) chests.

Note: Only one of these can drop from a single chest at most.

Note 2: These chests take a very long time to unlock with a minion and keys are unlikely to be readily available to the first-time player at this stage of the game. Also, for a first-time player, the number of chest slots available to them are very limited. Sending minions on quests to unlock these chests will lock up your Vault slots for a very considerable amount of time. Be wary about cornering yourself into a position where all of your chest slots are locked down with chests that take 12+ hours (Ruby + Diamond chests) to unlock and become unable to do much of anything in the game in the meantime. As a counterpoint, if you know you will not be touching the game for 12+ hours (sleep, work, etc.), then go ahead and lock your chest slots down with long-timer, high-rarity chests as the very last thing you do in the game for that given day.

Hope this information helps!


Should I sprinkle some dungeon and skirmish in with the story line as well? Or would it be more beneficial to ignore those for the time being?

I kinda stumbled into that already unfortunately. I have a ruby and a diamond chest that my pets are working on. I have a gold in my third slot but no pet to open it. I have also run myself dry of iron keys and nearly dry of wooden keys so I am having to salvage chests which, as a long time GoW player, kinda hurts my soul. Will this be a common issue or will I eventually balance out?

It really does help and is very greatly appreciated. :sunglasses:

With a bit of a disclaimer that it has been said by devs that both skirmishes and dungeons are being reworked in the next update (which is coming “any day” now… well at least we tell ourselves that every Tuesday PM/ Wednesday AM, when updates usually arrive),

But as of right now,

  • Dungeons have a benefit of dropping specific spells and can drop class specific spells. They are your best source for obtaining class specific spells, but the distribution of these spells across dungeons leaves much to be desired. For example, the first dungeon drops the Paladin spell Divine Steed, which is used by pretty much no one, ever. On the other hand, the third dungeon (Dragonrest Temple) can drop what used to be the Level 50 Paladin class spell.

  • Skirmishes are good for grinding XP quickly compared to dungeons, as there are no bosses and only three opponents need to be faced. That said, you’ll obviously run out of Vault space very quickly. Get used to the concept of throwing chests away more often than not. You won’t have the Vault space or the keys to open everything. It’s a weird concept, coming from GoW, but becomes second nature over time.

And yes, that means even throwing away Ruby and Diamond chests (a very tough thing to mentally grasp at first). However over time, you’ll run into so many of these chests that you won’t know what to do with them eventually.

Small counterpoint: Keep any Ruby and Diamond dungeon chests you find, if you decided to run dungeons as these have a solid chance of possessing the spells/items you are looking from from that dungeon (dungeon chests have a special mark on then in the player’s Vault screen to identify them).

Hard to say, as the game is still significantly incomplete.

Probably a common issue, though. The intent appears to be to avoid situations in GoW where player have thousands upon thousands of keys at any given time. As such, keys are much more restrictive in PQ3 so far. That said, as each different character class (5 at launch) can earn full first-time rewards, there are quite a lot of free wood and iron keys out there to claim. Gold and higher keys can be difficult to come by in significant numbers. Gold daily bounties can award gold keys, and guild tasks can yield gold and ruby keys in limited numbers.

Also, the guild bazaar can sell a number of gold and ruby keys for Honor (aka Valor from GoW PvP), to guildmates. However, Valor is strictly controlled unlike in GoW, so players can’t farm up hundreds of thousands or millions of Valor to buy keys with.

The game is really restrictive in the beginning on the player’s first playthrough. As the player moves through the first playthrough and unlocks the game’s various followers, many of the restrictions are signifcantly lessened (resource caps, amount of times Valor can be earned per day, gaining the ability to “craft” various spells/gear/weapons/etc, and so on). It’s because of these unlocks that subsequent playthroughs go much, much faster than the first time through the game.

Also, don’t be afraid to grab low-hanging keys on alternate classes opening story chapters to open chests on your primary character to speed things up. Zero penalty for doing this currently.

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You have been extremely helpful! Thank you so much!

Not sure what you posted but I assume it would have also been helpful so thank you too!

When my vault is full of ruby/diamond chests, I switch to PvP quick battles for grinding xp. No chests to worry about and only 1 opponent to face so it’s fast.