Beginner Questions

So, I’m still very much a noob and I have a ton of questions. Rather than creating a new thread for every new question that comes up, I figured I would make a thread dedicated to noob questions.

With the game going full scale launch eventually™️ I assume there will be a massive influx of new players who will likely have many of the same questions I have so I will try and keep this thread updated with all the questions and answers at the top to make them easy to find.

Question 1: I have purchased all the daily deals I can today,

If I pay the fee to refresh them, will it refresh the ones I have purchased, thus allowing me to purchase more?

It refreshes all 8, regardless of if they were bought or not. Currently cost to refresh increases by 20 per refresh then resets each each to 20. So goes 20,40,60 etc., then back to 20 each day with a free refresh.

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Is there a guide or list of where each type of enemy can be found? For example, I need to kill 10 Giant type enemies so where would be the best place to look?

I just got my first non-class specific spell but unfortunately it is somewhat useless to my paladin. I was thinking of equipping it anyway just for the damage that I will do from matching purple gems. Good idea or no?

I found Dark Ice very handy on my Assassin (atleast prior to this update - still adjusting to new mana costs, difficulty etc.) :thinking:

I had a full purple set of spells and this was helpful both by removing gems I won’t make use of (blue) and had a decent chance (% increases with rarity) of spawning in more useful purple gems, in turn helping achieve more matches for mana, more big gems and more chances for stun by completing rows across the board.

Maybe not that useful for a Paladin as they are more focused on yellow (light) which is the opposite of purple (dark).

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Why are the level numbers orange? I notice this a lot on my necromancer with gear too.

It’s an item that has been “down-levelled” to match the level of the Hero using it. In other words, the level of the spell/gear is higher than the Hero Level and has been scaled down to match.

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So when I level up the necromancer, the gear and spell levels will go up too?

Is there any reason at all to have more than one copy of a spell?

Not anymore. Multiples are currently useless.


I hadn’t seen this thread when I started this one and it is overflowing with useful info so I’m linking it here to kinda consolidate all the information that is useful to noobs.

Shout out to @Actreal for starting the other one!

This looks like a pretty useful spell for the paladin. Yes?

Should I be upgrading the gear I have now? Or hoard resources for when I get better stuff?

The difficulty of battles will largely be down to the difference in your gear score. The greater the gap the greater the damage bonus the enemies get. If you can still beat enemies even despite being on a lower gear score I would continue to push on. If you start to lose battles or find them challenging, then investing in gear can help. Since some shards seem harder to come by than others, and because of the 0.35 mindset (evolving to higher rarity all but impossible without relics) I tried to hold off upgrading anything that wasn’t atleast Rare quality. The more battles you can win and chests you can open, the chances of finding better gear, both in terms of rarity and bonuses, increases and you may want to equip those instead of pieces you currently have.

If you have lots of minor shards (lowest quality) then you might as well buff most item pieces to L5. They are pretty easy to find, and for anything higher than common gear, when you eventually go to scrap them they will provide a few more of their higher rarity shards.

Lesser shards, needed to get gear from 5-15 were more of a struggle. One change 0.36 brought in is a more significant increase in power as you level up items. So rather than spreading the shards around getting each item to say L10 then L15, I would now instead focus on getting individual items through a group of shards - so get the helm to L15 and see what shards you have to push it L15-25. Then look at your next rare item and lesser shards to push that.

One slight exception spotting the equipment pic - the amulet - possibly the gifted one from the 0.36 update - with it giving yellow and red mana and you being a Paladin - also worth upgrading because it is also specifically good to your character.

This guide is also handy to refer to to see what bonuses are available from gear and from which dungeons you can find it:

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A very thorough and easy to understand response! Thank you very much!