Updated 1.4 Patch Notes

Is there a reason that the new minions have even greater reduced stats than some of the previous season minions? All minions from launch other than the Dragonettes have a combined Cunning, Might, and Speed total of 450 at Level 50. A few Season pets so far have had 445 total (a 5 point loss), but the Season 1.4 minions have a combined stat total of only 435 at Level 50 (a 15 point loss relative to most minions). Is this intended in design that new minions will be come less powerful over time? Was someone just not good at dividing 450 into 3 number allocations?


Why are skins which we have already purchased still present (and purchasable?) in the season shop? This was discussed for the last two seasons I believe.


@Jeto Thanks for the patch notes.
We get increased inventory for the beginning of every new season because of the the new seasonal items.
Is there reason for not doing it in this season? My vault is full and I don’t know what to do about new items.


Not an official answer but I assume it’s because of this nugget from the October Community Update:


Thank you. Sibelios to the rescue (as usual :smiley:)

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The problem is that is planned for the 1.5 update - New season will be over if the update is not for 3 months
Any chance of another bandaid fix (+20 increase)?


I remember reading that (about 1.5) and thinking, don’t we already have a follower that is supposed to be helping us with storage?


Can we please get rid of this warning now (food isnt a scarce resource)?


Please please please help us out here. 1.5 is more than 2 months away and most players will be out of space fsr before that. Every time a season drops, more and more gear is released and i would prefer not to have to empty a quarter of my inventory of gear i really would like to keep.

10 or 20 spaces would go a million miles to hold us over for 1.5


While this is true, I’m past over the drip drip drip of inventory space. The whole system is just flat out dumb for this kind of game. The game pretty much revolves around acquiring stuff. Very little of our progression is tied to “not stuff.” Compare the effectiveness of an ideally geared up L50 with 0 citadel and a citadel 150 wearing no gear.

The gear space limits are just about the most backward thing I’ve seen in a game for quite awhile. Other similar games, that have stingy inventory space, at least have a mechanism to buy more. That is a skeevy way to monetize, but at least you can see some sort of point to the limits.

Having an upper limit on space, is not terrible. Having an upper limit that makes absolutely no sense, within the game, is terrible. It’s extra terrible that this problem has persisted for so long.

Just to end on a positive… I have some hope this will get fixed. Someone on the team let go of the stubborn insistence that tiers of shards was a great idea. It took awhile, but now we have a sensible system there. I’m hopeful that the same thing will happen with inventory space.


We’re hoping to have a fix for this before the weekend, but worst case scenario next week.

Same for the new Necromancer skin missing flavor text and some other things I’ve been marking off in the bug report section today.

We’ll post a full list of fixes when these updated files go live.

Well, time for my 1.4 comments.

Food uses: Excellent
Food change to Jocea crafting and acceleration of minion mission completion gives much needed outlets for food. I also like that it becomes rewarding to play more, as you get more food and can open more chests. Wouldn’t mind removing the food use confirmation button.

Inventory: Where’s the-
Oh good, not too much of a delay in releasing more inventory. Good ratio of slots for gear vs spells and minions, reasonably what is needed.

Follower Crafting: Yay
Instant gratification, yay.
Seems expensive to do any selection. Just used to cheap random, but if I really wanted a specific piece, I could get it…

Rerolling attributes: Mixed
Was hoping for rerolling attributes one at a time while keeping the others constant to be able to really build characters specializing in aim or brave specifically. That said, I’ve definitely been able to happily reroll a handful of what I deemed… 0 useful to at least 1 useful. On the other hand, really not able to change my existing attributes for some of my more advanced pieces after throwing a few rerolls, which gets expensive. Also feels difficult to justify rerolling anything less than mythic. Probably will rarely do some rerolling every now and then.

Rerolling mastery color: N/A
Random is too expensive for my taste, haven’t done it. No followers at level 50 for the guarantee, would pay that though.

Shard combination: Excellent
I didn’t even realize I had essentially stopped looking at upgrading spells and armor because I was out of that level of shards, did a pass through to upgrade most currently used spells.

Relic combination: Good
Also realized I was hoarding lots at the legendary relic level because I wanted to make sure I could upgrade armor pieces if I found good ones. Less fomo with the combined relic format. Also did a whirl through upgrading spells to legendary. I think these upgrading resource changes really helps progression.

Autoplay dealing with altar selection: Yay
Don’t use it much, but dungeons is what I plan to use it for, and previously altars would just stall me out.

Would like:
-info on philosophy / thoughts / path forward for turn 0 in PVP tournies.
-salvage all button for after opening a chest


so much yes, especially now that we dont have to go through the hoops of upgrading stuff to get other shards

To that end, just get rid of the item by item reveal and theatrics in opening chests. Chests now have been downgraded into mostly resource stuff with the occasional item of interest. Make the opening of a chest quick, one screen, list the item items, have a salvage all button. I feel like I’ve lost a month of my life in combined time just watching chest contents be revealed. It’s dumb. Time to get rid of it.


The open chest marquee taking days of my life away by showing us everything one by one and us salvage everything individually was one of my first requests for change on this forum. I’m glad we’re on the same page about that Sibelios :+1:


Feedback @Jeto / @Kafka: Now that Relics (excluding Tier IV) and Shards have been collapsed into a universal type, please advocate for same for Glyphs. Currently many players are in a much improved position to be able to do Epic and even Legendary upgrades however the randomness of Glyph acquisition feels punitive and represents the biggest roadblock for many to improvement given how slow they are to acquire. Too many people are sitting on a dozen+ minion glyphs and cant progress just the one Accessory in their Gear focus because they have been waiting for a month, maybe even two months, for that one random Glyph of the right type to drop.

Please, please, make Glyphs universal as well. It’s not fair that people are being held hostage to the whims of randomness for a single upgrade. Given the cost of Glyphs, there should only be one type.


Asking, as multiple players are sharing the same experiences as possibly more than coincidental…

Were the calculations for Diamond Marks from Events changed or adjusted in 1.4? All of us are on simultaneous “bad” multiple day (5+) runs farming Events.

As a regular Tier IV buyer in Events, it is pretty hard to go 0 for 36 in a given day. Possible, yes, and it does happen from time to time. But multiple times in the same week (and multiple 1 for 38 days elsewhere in that week), and with others suggesting similar outcomes, it might be time to ask for a spot check on the calculation.


Perhaps the salvage rates for legendary+ gear could be increased to include at least half of the high level resources invested

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Hmmm… kinda sounds like how it took me between 25 and 40 ultimate caches to get the seasonal legendary for 3 seasons in a row… impossible? no. highly improbable? probably.

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I checked with the Designers and they said no, this wasn’t touched during 1.4 development.


In that case, could it be (increased)? :slight_smile: