October Community Update

October sure flew by!

Since our last update, we intended for this community update to be released mid-month but as you can tell, this is a bit delayed! There isn’t a huge change in our 2022 Roadmap. But in case you forgot, here’s a refresher!

ROADMAP – September

As mentioned, our 1.4 Update is being split into two parts. You can read more about that decision in our September Community Update.

Let’s talk about the things we can share since that September update! A few changes are coming and based on some of the buzz from our community channels, we can tell you’re excited. With Season 1.4 just days away, we’re excited for upcoming changes in 1.4 and further ahead.

Going on an Adventure!

1.4.5 BAYBEEEE! The team is super excited to get this one out to you.

So, we’ve teased it, but what is it?

Well, we’ve been taking a little inspiration from the original Puzzle Quest with this one.

You’ll learn the full details in the 1.4.5 Patch Notes, but the biggest thing we’d like you to know is…

Not every journey is a straight line and not every Adventure is either!

We will be bringing you branching pathways in Adventure!

Maybe you want to battle, or visit the merchant, or stop for Fae Gifts.

We’re very excited about Adventure and its potential for new game modes and Puzzle Quest experiences!

More to come.

Pivot! Pivoooooot!

We have had the question come up in our community:

“How do you choose what to work on and when?”

This is a great question and we think it deserves the time for an answer from us. We would like to follow up with a more detailed dedicated explainer to give you a bit more insight into how we put things together.

But, for now, to give a bit of an idea…

We’re turning a ship, not a car.

We approach updates by determining what our long-term goals are for the game and what we can do to get closer to those.

We also need a reasonable lead time into updates because we do have to plan out big chunks of work and we need to make sure there’s design time ahead of that.
When we say “We’re always looking at and taking in your feedback” we’re absolutely sincere. We’re looking at your feedback as well as our data (and how we feel about the game too).

Where we go from there is working out either where we can slot those little quality of life items or, if several small pieces of feedback or trends are actually pointing to something bigger that might need a bigger solution.

With that said, let’s take a look at where we’re at with the feedback we got from the 1.3 UI updates!


As you may have seen in our Patch Notes for 1.4, we’ve made some more changes to the Inventory UI based on some of your suggestions after 1.3. As you know we made a first pass of getting a few smaller changes in for the 1.3 hotfix. Now, we didn’t have time to implement everything this update, so we focused on a couple of things that we thought would have some bigger impacts for you folks:

  • Adding a Detailed View so you can see more information about your items in the inventory and their names
  • Updating the item borders to make the item rarity clearer (especially for spells) and adding the rarity colour to the ribbon on the icons

At this stage we’re aiming to follow up with some further changes in 1.4.5 including:

  • Changing the upgrades flow so Max Rarity is no longer the default
  • Adding additional Vault Filters for Rarity and Gear Set

And targeting some additional feedback in 1.5 such as:

  • How do we better show information for Attributes and Gear Sets?
  • How do we show more information about items being Salvaged?

This is obviously not our full list, but I can guarantee we have looked at the feedback we received across all platforms, have it recorded and are making sure we keep improving!

But wait! There’s more!

A couple of updates on items we know you’ve been waiting on:

Darkhunter Rises

Darkhunter’s Runes and Scrolls crafting is currently planned for 1.4.5 to join his first-batch buds.

Kingdom Defense – Overkill

Overkill in Kingdom Defense would be designed to tackle the issue of members of Kingdoms currently having to hold back so that everyone in the Kingdom can get a hit in on the Kingdom Defense boss. While we think it’s actually really nice that that’s how you folks have approached the issue, we know that’s not exactly the most fun way to play.
We’re currently expecting to tackle this in 1.5. However, it may need some more design time than that. (To say that our dance card is very full right now is an understatement.) But this is something that both our CX team and our dev team are quite passionate about so we look forward to getting into it.

In Space… No One Runs Out of Inventory…

“New updates, new gear… Ah damn…”

While some people never run into this issue, our collectors definitely do.

We’ve said before that we wanted a more permanent solution to this issue than just increasing vault space ad-hoc.
So, for 1.5, we have a Follower coming in to help with that! We’ll give you more details soon, but it’s right there on our list for you.

That’s the wrap-up for October! Keep it spooky and we’ll see you in November! Enjoy your Halloween everyone!


Thanks for posting

While we wait for 1.5 (and given we have a new season with new gear pieces), what are the chances of one final ad-hoc inventory boost?


It seems odd to be adding a follower to do this when we have a follower who looks after vault space already.

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/sigh… You (not actually you, Kafka) are filling up your own dance card. It will simply not matter how many amazing things come out months down the road if everyone quits. I would highly advise slowing thy roll and fixing pain points before introducing new pain points. But, what do I know, right?

No. Seriously. EVERYONE runs into this issue. We have been screaming this issue since the very beginning. FFS Please do not insult us by pretending this is some sort of niche issue here. Also pardon my lack of excitement on having to level yet another inventory follower (we already have one of those right?)

As is my policy I shall end on positives. Very happy to see you guys are working on removing the max upgrade default. Also glad to see overkill on the table.


THIS. I was thinking on quitting after 1.3… as a sign of goodwill and nostalgia for good PQ moments, I stayed and purchased lots of crowns, went Platinum Pass on the Season… and lost 1800 gems for a bug. I’m VERY tired you know. I don’t want “exciting content” I want a game that plays fair with me and without bugs. WE WANT THINGS SOLVED, not new content that has bugs!!! I don’t know if I’m going to wait till 2023 for that. It saddens me but it’s just a waste of time (and money).


Why does the Regen buff still have the Poison graphical effect?


I’ve finally been able to get my thoughts about the update (both 1.4 and the October Community Update) down now that it’s getting more towards the weekend. I have a lot to say, and unfortunately, not a lot of it is good. A lot of this will be a bit harsh, but there comes a point when the truth is just kinda rough to hear. (And also, I appreciate Jeto and Kafka for their work in this community and the hard position of being the go-between for the players and the devs, and most of the following doesn’t apply to them.)

Recent Statements and the Dev/Company Attitude

First of all, I’d like to address a statement from the October Community Update.

When we say “We’re always looking at and taking in your feedback” we’re absolutely sincere. We’re looking at your feedback as well as our data (and how we feel about the game too).

I believe this. The problem is, you’re so out of touch with what makes a good game and what players of your game experience. You might be looking at our feedback, but you rarely agree with it. The problem really resides with the last part of your statement. How you feel about the game always trumps how your players feel. “We know better than the players” is pretty much your hidden motto. Your view of the game, how it functions, and the good and bad parts of it have somehow ended up completely different than that of most of your players. You don’t seem to play your own game, or even really playtest it, so it was probably inevitable. You seem to be viewing it from an almost completely theoretical standpoint, instead of a practice, experiential one.

Yes, being a company requires balancing financial earnings with the needs of the players. But when half of the time you don’t even agree that the needs of the players (ones expressed over and over again by numerous members of your player base) are actual needs or that the solutions that players come up with to fix these problems are viable, then it’s not an issue of earning money anymore. It’s an issue with you believing your player base is, frankly, dumb, or at least not as smart as you. “They don’t really understand what’s going on with the game or the effects of what they’re asking,” is what seems to be the conversation going on behind the scenes. And this results in willful blindness and ignorance of players’ needs.

Also, there are lots of things and lots of things in life that are great ideas in concept that don’t work out well in practice. But you all seem to have the viewpoint that if something is wonderful in concept, of course it has to work wonderfully in the game too. And yet you don’t seem to understand some things work wonderfully as ideas but not so well in practice. And when players tell you things like this, you stick stubbornly to believing your ideas are all great, and that the players are the ones who are wrong. Even when you can admit you’re wrong in part, you still stubbornly persist in believing some part of your idea had to be good. It will be a long, long time before I can forget about your statement that the 1.3 update, which players universally hated and many quit over, was “a step in the right direction”. That statement illustrates just how little the devs view players’ experience of the game compared to their own. And you also continually twist reality (discounting what players are saying) to make yourselves look better too.

October Community Update- inventory space

In the vein of not respecting players’ opinions and experiences and twisting reality, I’d like to point out your statement about the inventory issue only being a problem for collectors. Do I have to link the screenshots that show me being able to have only around 5 of each type of item (not even enough to use a different set for each hero class) in my inventory yet again!?!? Thankfully Trask already pointed out the level of crap in this statement, so I don’t have to get into it too much. But it rankles that you’re still using this tactic.

Also, I’d like to point out that your statement about not wanting to increase vault space due to wanting a more permanent solution is understandable, but flawed. Consider the situation where you’re in a sinking ship that’s taking on water. Obviously, the optimal solution, and the end goal, is to get the ship to shore and get it fixed up. But if it sinks on the way there, then there’s no point. That’s why people temporarily patch the holes in their ship with what they can until they can get to shore. No, temporary solutions are not a good permanent fix. But they are extremely important in making it so that things can keep functioning while a permanent solution is being created. That’s why we all keep asking for temporary fixes if you keep making us wait. We need the game to be playable while we wait for the permanent/long-term fix.

This is why I’m extremely happy you’ve decided to add extra inventory spaces for now. Thank you very much! This change makes a big difference. And it will make it so I and others can actually enjoy this season properly.

I would also like to add to the chorus of voices who are unhappy about having to level up yet another follower to fix inventory space though. Out of all of the possible solutions, this is one of the worst you could have picked. I honestly don’t understand the logic behind the design decisions being made recently. And I’m very worried for the games’ future, when all of the “brilliant solutions” to problems that have existed for so long seem to create as many problems as they solve.

October Community Update- turning ship metaphor

Your reason for taking so long to do things, was that

I did appreciate the bit of insight into how things work. However. I honestly find this explanation very inadequate. Slow ship turning is a reasonable metaphor for when it takes 2 extra weeks or an extra month or so to fix the issues that have suddenly popped up. It’s not a reasonable excuse for issues the community has been complaining about for well over 6 months (or even a year) in a lot of cases.

And when it comes to the metaphor’s other application, 1.3, the actual issue is that you guys have just been trying to continually push something that doesn’t work. Your desire to turn the ship has been the thing that’s lacking (as evidenced by your statement that it was “a step in the right direction”). If people get lost or realize they were reading their map wrong and the place they had marked as their destination isn’t actually where they want to end up, what do they do? They stop and retrace their steps. Or stop and figure out where they actually want to go, where they are, and how to get from one to the other. They don’t keep running forward towards that old, clearly not right, destination. Which is what you guys have been doing with 1.3. You’ve been running towards the same destination at full speed, thinking “oh, we can make a few tweaks and course adjustments along the way”. Movement in the wrong direction is more counterproductive than not moving, or even moving backwards to get to the right path. You guys aren’t sharks, who die if they don’t keep moving. Stop and fix things and/or plan a new path, or retrace your steps (undo the changes that were detrimental).

Garbage fancied up is still garbage (there’s a saying about that as well). We appreciate that you’re working so hard to improve 1.3, but you’re just making things harder for yourself by trying to make the garbage that’s 1.3 better. Even if you just went back to the concept of 1.2 (without reimplementing any of it) and then worked to improve that concept, then saw how you could actually feasibly implement that concept in the new system/program you’re using for your inventory, you’d be making things a lot easier for yourselves. Though I think the problem here is that you still don’t believe players want what they say they want in a lot of ways, so who knows if you’d end up with even then.

Also, there’s one issue with this statement even beyond anything else: if it takes your company this long to plan and execute any changes, there’s a problem with the structure of how things work. Companies nowadays have to be quick to adapt to new situations or challenges, or they can’t be successful. What’s that saying, “adapt or die”? It’s a harsh statement, but it gets at an important truth: the people and companies who take too long to adapt die off. Our world moves at an extremely fast pace nowadays. Being successful requires being able to adapt and think quickly. Some time for ship turning is understandable. But it feels like you’re still floundering around in the dark without a solid plan in a lot of ways. And there was lots of warning that you’d need to turn the ship. You just were intent on ignoring it until it was too late. So, you both need a system to let you know earlier when you might need to turn the ship (getting early player feedback, someone to monitor player opinions, getting the devs to actually play the game themselves from the beginning through and keep themselves updated on what it’s like to actually play, etc.) and a system that allows you to turn the ship faster when you need to.


Like I said, the devs seem to have somehow ended up with a completely different view of the game than their players (case in point: that you thought 1.2 was cluttered and players didn’t). And there’s been a lot of dismissal of players’ opinions and wilful blindness when it comes to players’ needs. (As a note, I’m willing to be plenty patient when things are moving in the right direction. But that hasn’t been the case for the last few updates.)

The only way the game is actually going to become good again (instead of the disaster it is right now) is if the devs and the company can actually respect the opinions of their players. And if you don’t somehow manage to get some player opinions on whatever plans you have from now on (through surveys, or sneak peeks, or a player pre-testing team, or just something) then I don’t see anything going well.


1.4 Changes

Now, I’m going to get into the 1.4 changes.

Relic and Shard Merges

Okay, so this was the one part of the update that I was genuinely completely happy with. When I had talked about currency merging in my previous feedback posts, it was something that I thought would be good for the game, but that would never actually happen. But It did! Things seem to have been simplified in a pretty good manner, and I like the ideas and depictions for the new relics.

(One small note: these relics break the general pattern of less fancy for lower rarity things and fancier for higher rarity things, so I am finding that I have to keep tapping on them to find out which rarity they are. In light of that, it might have been nice to, say, add a few gems or an extra bit of fancy pattern to the dragon Legendary relic to distinguish it. And some of the mythic relics could have looked a little bit more like the sets they belong to (a shield for the guard relic for example, and perhaps a crescent moon for the night set) to help prevent needing to memorize them. But it’s an extremely minor quibble, and there are far less relics than before to learn in any case!)

Hoping that we might possibly get a similar change for relics and scrolls as well (as greedy as it feels to want after what we got, I think that would help the game as well). But even if these are the only changes, I’d still be extremely satisfied with them.


I’m super glad reforging exists at least. Thank you for finally adding it!

But I’m extremely disappointed to see I was right to be worried about the cost (when someone refuses to tell you it, you know it’s going to be bad).

I think a lot of it comes down to how the devs seem to want followers to be used. You seem to be moving away from constant use to using them once in a while if there’s a need. But personally, I liked being able to use your followers a lot (I know not everyone agrees with me about this). They’re a part of the story and on your journey with you, so having them help you and having reason to visit them in the tavern a lot seemed to me to go along with that. By requiring gems to be used for so many of the followers, it forces you to think carefully about when you want to use them, and to leave them sitting idle most of the time. I want to be able to use my followers often and have them be actively helping me on my journey, instead of just having to sit there unused. And the gems make the cost too expensive to allow for that.

Gems are also already used to buy mythic relics and follower crystals, and personally, I don’t really have any gems left over after that. So if there’s yet another place where gems are required, then it creates some very hard choices as to what to spend them on. (Also, why require relics to craft things suddenly, when they’re already so rare and valuable?)

And followers already have a resource that they’re supposed to use anyhow: ore. By requiring them to use gems, ore, gold, follower crystals, and even relics(!) in combination, it’s a double or triple cost a lot of the time, which makes it even more expensive. And it makes ore even more useless than it was before, as its purpose is overlapped with other currencies.

I think devs are also overvaluing what reforge provides you with currently. You get 4 completely random attributes for 200 gems (no ability to keep any old ones and no control at all over what you roll). There are over 20 attributes (over 10 “normal” attributes (such as guard and heal) + 5 wards and + 5 strikes). I don’t have enough brain power or desire to follow through all of the steps of finding the exact probability to get 4 specific attributes (or rather, 3 since the first one is always the same) but it’s something really small like 0.0125%. So you can reroll over and over again without getting attributes you want, and when it costs 200 gems to do so, and you have 12 pieces of gear minimum that you need to do that to, it adds up to an insane cost. Personally, I would never be willing to spend that many gems getting good attributes on a piece of gear, especially when I need gems for other things. And a system that’s there but you can’t afford to use is only minimally better than a system that isn’t there at all.

So what would I have liked instead of the current cost system? Well, in my ideal world, for elements, I would have liked for elemental runes to be used to select which element you reforge a weapon to. There seems to me, to be a bit of a surplus of elemental runes in the game compared to how many you need, and if we’re stuck with so many different types of them instead of just simple non-element-based ones, why not make use of that? Reforging elements could cost ore and a rune, with there being a slot where you can select which specific rune you want to use. Runes without an element could give a random element, and runes with a specific element could give that specific element. That was unlikely to happen however, and there were several other scenarios I would have been happy with:

  1. New unique currency used for reforging.

    • Yes this would increase the number of currencies in the game again, but they were just drastically simplified and reduced in number, so having 1 new currency with a distinctive purpose that doesn’t overlap anywhere would be more than fine to have.
    • The ways to get this currency could have ranged from shop buy (either weekly or random) to dragon participation reward to mode completion reward (such as challenge completion, chapter completion) to a reward for the upcoming adventure mode to a season reward - there are a lot of ways they could have gone with it that would make it reasonable to get but not abundant to the point where people could change attributes and elements on a whim.
  2. Using ore and time or ore, time and gold as the reforging currencies.

    • The limit of time would ensure it took people some time and investment to get their gear with attributes and elements the way they want them. And you’d have to choose between having the crafter busy crafting new gear or making your old gear better. Which would even out the rate of becoming powerful to something reasonable, I think.
  3. Gear merging/sacrificing

    • This solution involves being able to sacrifice one piece of gear to get its abilities onto another piece of gear. For example, if you had an epic belt with mighty and mythic belt with any 4 attributes, you could merge the epic belt into the mythic belt (after paying your follower the appropriate amount of ore) to be able to assign mighty to overwrite one of its attribute slots with the might attribute. It would make the gear you get and evolve stay meaningful, which would be great.

Things I would have disliked but been able to resign myself to:

  1. Ore or ore + gold cost for random attributes and elements, gems cost to select specific attributes and elements

    • This would have created a bit of a p2w-feeling to the game (require a rarer/premium currency to have the full features) but at the same time having an increased cost for increased ease is understandable.

So yep, there were plenty of other routes you devs could have gone that would have been better.

Also, when it comes to costs, you devs are really far off the mark for what’s reasonable, it seems. I think there’s some fear that if you’re too generous to players, then we’ll become too op and ruin the game. I’d like to bring up another game I play as an example of how devs can be reasonable, or even generous with costs, without it ruining their game. In that game, gear is one of the big upgrades for the heroes you use. Each gear gets random stats when it’s given to the player, as well as random stat upgrades at some levels. Gear and stats are pretty important in that game, and players try hard to get the right bonuses on their gear. And yet, recently the devs for that game allowed players to reroll 1 stat slot on their max rarity gear endlessly (so they could get the exact stat they wanted) and allowed them to reassign the stat bonuses as many times as they wanted. And the currency used to do so is easily obtainable as one of the lowest tier rewards for a guild event. Now, I don’t expect PQ to be anywhere near as generous. But it shows the level of generosity to players that can be given without breaking the game. You can have less steep costs for the Reforging system and have the game still be fine.

So in conclusion, as cool as Reforging seemed at first, I think it ultimately wasn’t handled well due in large part to the cost (which seems to come from you devs wanting followers to work differently and you overvaluing the features we got).

Upcoming Content

Adventures look pretty exciting actually! It’ll be cool to have branching paths like in past PQ games. However, I really do hope some of the issues with the game get priority over working on adventure, as I would rather have a good, functional game that lacks some content than an unplayable game with more content.

Also, it was really nice to hear updates on some of the things players have been wanting. (The communication is very nice too btw.) However, we’ve been promised most of it multiple times already just for the plan to change, so I’ll remain somewhat skeptical until we see evidence that it’s actually happening. Also, after the 1.3 and the 1.4 update (and the continued out-of-touchness of the devs, displayed even in the most recent update), I’ve kinda lost hope that these long-awaited changes will be implemented in a way that actually makes things better. We’ll see, I guess. But you’ve already managed to kill my confidence in you and my excitement for new updates, so…

I’m also sad that we’re getting incremental UI changes that somewhat fix the major issues, but still result in a worse UI than previously. The UI is making it so that I don’t want to play the game. Still willing to see what the changes will be like, but so far they don’t seem to have really resulted in major improvements, even though you devs have been listening somewhat at least.

And finally, yes you have a lot to work on and everything takes time! But your priorities seem to be somewhat skewed when you pick what things to work on. For example, choosing to make Adventure mode instead of tackling the problem with Kingdom bosses. And don’t forget, even if a system needs to be overhauled, temporary changes to make it less frustrating while you work on it can be meaningful and keep players from quitting. Not every fix needs to be a major, permanent one.


Finally, we’ve been getting some better communication recently, which has been greatly appreciated. Hopefully this will continue into the future.


Despite a promising start, and a few good parts, the 1.4 Update was a big disappointment for me. And recent statements by the devs have continued worrying trends and thought patterns. I’m still sticking around for now, but I’m worried for the future of the game.


I actually do not have a big problem with reforging requiring gems. I mean, of course I’d rather it didn’t. If there was more value to the mechanic, however, I wouldn’t be too upset by it. Although, I do think there needs to be more ways to earn gems within the game.

The primary issue with reforge, for me, is the randomness combined with the "all or nothing "-ness. Spending gems for a tiny chance at improving my gear does not seem like a good value for me. It’s arguably worth it for those pieces that just have all bad attributes. Maybe that is supposed to be the point. A way to rescue the things that were totally cursed by the rng? I don’t know.

That’s fair enough. I’m more frustrated by the way you don’t get enough worth out of those gems (pretty much your second point). Even though I would still rather it not cost gems, I would be a lot more willing to pay a 1-time higher gem cost for something that involves no randomness (or even just a lot less). What we get for paying those gems just isn’t valuable enough.

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This. This this this this THIS! That is my beef across the board. Even if you look at crowns the value is not there. That’s not good.

What boggles me most is that I know people will open their wallets for stuff that isn’t random. Not everyone. But more than will do it for random.


All of this seems very reasonable.


I really like this. It’s reminiscent of the way upgrading gear was at the very start of early access but not dumb


I like the idea, but it would, however, run up against the fact that our current inventory space is already painfully limited. That needs to be addressed!