Patch Notes 1.4 - The Fallen Order

Plus Ore, don’t forget the Ore

In fact after a poor reroll you could even blame the Ore

Food can now be spent to open chests faster from the Inn screen… but the end-of-battle screen where the chest first appears still requires Gems to open?

@Lyrian the Food is used to speed up a Minion who has been sent to open the chest, Food is not another resource like Gems that can be used to open Chests.

Can food be used to speed up Adhakus?

Also it appears that the previous attribute assignments associated with gear sets has either been realigned or just opened up entirely so that any attribute can be rolled on any gearset

@Jeto , did the mechanic for adding movement time in a given turn when making multiple matches change?

My in-match movement timer is all over the place. Sometimes I get negligible time (or none at all) when making a match, and sometimes I’m seeing as much as +0.6 or +0.7 seconds added to the time on a single match-3.

Also, is it intended that the timer shows as “full” if more than 2.0 seconds are remaining on the timer?

I’d agree with that.

Took 6 rerolls to fix the bad pair of boots I posted in the bad gear thread awhile back. So many new bad rerolls are now possible that some of the original bad rolls posted in that thread look heavenly in comparison.

Sounds about right. This about the worst possible way to implement this, so it’s what I expected. I was holding out hope we would at least be able to roll the old random dice on just one attribute.

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It doesnt appear to actually charge you the gems until you accept the outcome, only the Ore so its perhaps it’s not the worst possible way to implement this.

So you can do 10 rerolls and if you only accept one outcome the cost is 200 gems and 10x the Ore cost. That’s actually a pretty reasonable limitation.

I stand corrected. As said, its not updating the UI in real time which as @Tresk said is the worst possible outcome :cry:

If the possible Attributes is essentially everything, then being forced to reroll all attributes when you just have one that you need corrected is indeed a bad update.


It’s possible that might be implemented somewhere in the future if a level cap increase occurs. The select-an-attribute choice would be the next logical progression in crafter ability after the current select-an-element option.

But, for now, it seems that such an option has been deemed too powerful for the current state of the game.

Afraid not. I originally thought the same thing.

The Gem Wallet UI widget isn’t updating in real time on the new crafts. Go run a skirmish and come back and you’ll see that all of the gems for rerolling have been deducted.

It does not. My warlock still gets buffs to green and yellow mastery instead of red and purple


Oh I wasn’t even dreaming of picking the replacement attribute! As you say, that would be a logical upgrade for changes in level cap.

I simply meant I was hoping to be able to selectively roll for a new randomly picked attribute per attribute slot. Just to make sure my meaning is clear… Let’s say you have a mythic red weapon and you love every attribute except the pesky poison pact. I was hoping we could just re-roll that poison pact. You know, so we can get ice pact. lol


I too was expecting/hoping that choosing which attribute I want to reroll would be possible

Hopefully that is something that becomes possible SoonTM


Hopefully, because as it is currently implemented, it is virtually worthless to me. I am not using a single piece of gear that doesn’t have at least one attribute that I want. So why would I give up that solid attribute with no guarantee I won’t be trading 2 crappy attributes for 3? I know you can decline the roll, but since it takes the resources anyway, that is not a viable way to proceed for more than a few pieces here and there.


@tau following up on the Brimstone issue at the moment.


Sorry this wasn’t in the patch notes I’ll add it after I reply here!

We noticed that many players weren’t quite getting as many moves per turn as we’d like. This meant that they were finding the game a bit too hard simply because they were taking some time to learn the intricacies of the battle game (ie. things like diagonal matches).

So we front-loaded the turn taking time a little bit just to provide them with that 0.25 seconds many of them needed to get over that hurdle on say move 3.

Previously you’d get 0.2s extra per match you made, regardless of how many you made.

Now you’ll get 0.5s, 0.375s, and 0.25s for the first three matches respectively, and then 0.125s for every match after that.


Thanks for the information, clarification and explanation
This feels to me like great communication, so thank you very much :smiley:


Also, I should have added! We’ll of course monitor the game data after these changes have been out for a little while to see if it’s had the desired effect and happy to take any qualitative feedback from the community as well if you have anything you’d like to share after playing around with it a bit.

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This will be fixed in the next game update v1.4.5 so that you can reforge favorited gear.